My S40's frame cracked!

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by DAIadvisor, Sep 1, 2007.

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    Ok, I am not sure whether to panic or not, but.... Looked at my S4O couple days ago while cleaning. Found something I didn't want to see - pieces of the polymer frame cracked and falling off. Here's what I am talking about: If you take your Steyr and take off the slide - from the front of the gun on the inside of the frame there are 2 plastic pieces that stick out on both sides of the frame, just before the metal receiver begins. Both of those on either side are cracked at 45 degree angle and about 1/4 inch deep from the top. Cracks appear to be not affecting any function, but both of them on either side have fallen off since the inspection. There's still good chunk of the original pieces left, but fronts of them (where the frame smacks into them) has been cracked off. Has anyone experienced anything similar, and should I be making calls to SMI? I will post the pics when I get home, any info appreciated.

    PS Test fired the gun today - it was flawless. I am concerned about anything else starting to wear off and crack.
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    Send it to SAI, get a new frame.

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    Sounds to me like the very common breaking tabs problem. Pictures would help, but if you do a search I suspect you will find others who have had the same experience. I believe it is caused by improperly installing the guide rod after field stripping. In any event, it does not impair the function of the pistol at all and many users decided to live with it, as it poses no serious risk.
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    Thanks for the info. I'll inquire with the SAI just in case, but this makes me feel better already.
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    My S40 did the same thing. Doesn't affect function in my case. SAI didn't have any frames when I called. They sent me a new recoil spring assembly, as in my case, it appeared that the gun was undersprung for the ammo I used, and the frame was being battered by the recoil spring bottoming out. I was also having the gun fail to return to battery every couple of mags, which the new recoil spring assembly also cured.

    No more trouble, it just keeps shooting. I DO need to get a few spare recoil springs, though.

    YMMV. If they tell you they have s40 frames to swap, let me know anyway, as it could only help to be rid of the cracks.
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    same thing happend to mY S40. didnt hurt function, but I am a perfectionist, so I called SAI. SAI replaced the frame for free. got it back licktey split.

    damn thing has had to go back two times since then. it just doesn't run right anymore. SAI has been great about it, but I am about to give up. I really wish I had just kept the frame with the cracked tabs. if your pistol is working, dont worry about it. you may be opening a can of worms, by getting new parts. either way SAI is great about service, so they will help you out if you still want a new frame.
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    keep shooting it with the cracked frame.

    the take down pin is what holds the sub-frame in.

    the dust cover is under no tension.

    they run fine.