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Steyrs were my first love when it comes to pistols. I owned 4 of them before I ever got a XD. Just like I got hooked on shooting my Steyrs I also got hooked on shooting XDs. The XDs I own now are for a very specific purpose, which is competition. I shoot my XDs competitively, and carry my Steyrs for protection.

I first tried shooting IPSC at my local club with a Steyr M9. As soon as the timer first went off I was hooked on action pistol shooting! I started looking around for a gun that would be easier to find accesories and mags for then my Steyr. I found a guy in Southern WI that was selling a XD40 for cheap. I bought that and shot the whole summer of 2004 with it.

After that summer I started getting an itch to put together a real dream gun for production. I wanted it to be perfect and knew that Rich over at Canyon Creekwould be able to do the job. Exactly a year ago I got my XD9 from Rich. It was like a dream come true, it fit my hand so well I immediatly started shooting better.

This year I wanted a gun to shoot in Limited 10 so I sold my Service .40 and bought a nice XD40 tactical to have Rich work on. I just got it back from Rich about 2 weeks ago and have been wanting to post a few pics, but haven't had time to get some good quality shots.

Here is a list of what I had Rich do.
  • Trigger Job $135[/*:m:3km62mvd]
  • Slide Lightening $165[/*:m:3km62mvd]
  • Install Dawson FS $20[/*:m:3km62mvd]
  • Tripp hard chrome $130[/*:m:3km62mvd]
  • Skate tape wrap $5[/*:m:3km62mvd]

I thoght it would be nice to take a few pics of my old gun. It has a spray on finish that my holster scratched to hell, so it doesn't look as good as it used to.

Here are a few shots of both of my competition guns.

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Here is a link to my Steyr that I had chromed ... opic&t=138

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Very nice......I liked the Steyr hard chrome job..........gotta think of that one. That is all he did on the XD's?? No barrel fitting or changing???? No other accurizing??

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Shooter those are options, but the custom work I had done cost me $460 so I didn't feel like spending a whole lot more on this pistol.

The matches I shoot in very rarely entail shooting past 25 yards so the accuracy is ok. The trigger work improved the accuracy considerable and is perfect in my opinion.
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