My new (sort of) baby - K31

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    Attached are a couple of pictures of my 1955 K31. It has had some knocks, and the butt has been in water (melted snow in winter), but the barrel is mirror bright inside.

    I pillar bedded the barrel using JB Weld and two 3/8"x1/4" steel spacer ground to fit the stock. The front of the forearm I opened slightly so that there is about 5 mil around the barrel and the wood doesn't touch.

    I stripped the original shellac off, bleached the wood where the water marks were, and sanded the worst of the rough spots. I left the honestly earned dings and recoated it with four coats of shellac.

    I used BC bluing to touch up the barrel in a couple of spots. There was no rust, just worn places.

    I found the time to do all of this by taking 15 min breaks from the computer every 3 hours. Shellac is the only coating I'd have tried that with, it's so forgiving! No stain, and I used a rag for the applicator.

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