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My new/old remy 870

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back before where my family came from in IL was chicago suberbs my grandparents and their kids used to shoot skeet and hunt quail.

Sometime in the god i don't know 60's or 70's my aunt bought a remington wingmaster 870 12 ga.
Later sometime in the 80's she got divorced her ex wound up w/ my grandmothers old skeet gun and she got the 870, i think she got gypped as whatever my grandmother used to shoot has got to be an antique by now.

one time when i was about 10 or 12 and we were up visiting my father took us up to WIS somewhere to visit one of his old high school buddies who now lived up there. So i ended up tagging along w/ their teenagers as they went trap shooting that night.

I told my parents i wanted to try that, so my dad got my aunts old 870 and took me out to the skeet range on NAS pensacola. I think i remember putting about 2 rounds thru it before the range master got out the 20 ga for me to use (12ga is a good bit of gun for a 12 year old, even one at the borderline weight limit for his litttle leauge football division).

One month later Desert Storm and no guns aloowed to be brought on base, and we never went back.

SO it sat in my parents garage untill about 3 months ago when i asked if i could take it. Next day I took it to the range/shop and had the gunsmith I know there show me how to break it all the way down and he showed me how to get the minor surface rust off w/ som 0000 steelwool and gunoil. He also gave me the ok to testfire it as it looked pretty good, and he even gave me 3 shells to go into the range and pop off.

that makes about 5 rounds and no cleaning in 15 years for anyone doing the math :lol:

Tonight I finally got around to breaking it down and cleaning it up (big day for unfinished projects around chefy's household).

Man this thing is now SMOOTH and looks beautiful the only rust was very minor surface rust and after cleaning you need to hold it to the light just right to see where it was, and you still can't feel it w/ your fingers.

Now a little net search brought up a thread on THR about dating 870's. There is a code on the barrell (i believe everything on this gun is original) that gives the month and year of production by letters, the letters on this one are LDT.

I know the first letter L indicates FEB, and the second letter tells the year and after a certain point they started going into 2 letters for the year but I can't find anything on what year the DT corresponds to.

does anyone know, or know where i can look it up (i think the original THR thread referenced the BB of values as having a table).

Also does anyone know what the possible value might be (I'm keeping it if my aunt says she doesn't want it back, but I'd like to know). I know they are the most produced shotgun in the world so probably not teriibly collectible, unless it is somekind of limited variation, but no markings show anything like that sio i think it is the plain jane model.

and lastly it holds 2+1 2.75" shells. Breaking down the magazine area (is it still called a magazine in a shotgun?) reveals that there is a little wooden plug kinda like a baseball bat about 6 inches long that seems to serve no purpose but to limit it to two shells in the mag. Is there any reason not to chop an inch off this as it can ALMOST hold 3+1?

thanks for any input as i have ZERO long gun experience of any kind.
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Don't want to send you someplace else but, you should also ask over here: They might be able to help out... Lots of talk about the 870.

FlaChef said:
. Is there any reason not to chop an inch off this as it can ALMOST hold 3+1?
I would think the piece of wood is the magazine plug. Its only purpose is to limit the number of shells. Hunting laws sometimes require a shotgun to hold no more than 3 shells. Modern 870s use a plastic plug that is easily removed to allow the magazine to hold 4 shells. With 1 in the chamber, thats 5 all together (gotta love my mathematical abilities...)
ok that's three people telling my i can just pull the plug out. will do.

still no info on LDT.

posted inquiries on GT high power club, and shotgunworld.

the D is 1957 and the T is 1970, no idea why the three letters instead of 2 though.

it's kinda neat owning a gun (unless th aunt wants it back) that there are so many aftermarket parts for. Web searching for info brings up so many add-ons it's not funny (unlike certain austrian pistols). :p
Now that you mention it I recall my grandaddy doing th same thing with his Sweet 16 ... It's just a plug, feel free to pull it.
plug has been pulled on MY new remy....

got this reply from an e-mail to my aunt...

I am so Glad you are using it an want it. It is now yours. George and I bought them from a gun shop in Waukegan. George has one like it and we had interchangable barrels. My stock was cut down a little. The barrel could have been changed with the other one, I'm not sure. One might have been a different gauge then the other. I am not sure.
The shop was Shrank's or something like that. I am pretty sure we bought them in the early 70's but I am not sure exactly. On second thought I may want a cinnamon cake in the future.
Seriously just enjoy the gun and be careful. In Illinois we had to have licence to buy a gun so it is registered to me or to George.
Let me know if I can help in any other way. If you need to call George I will give you his number. See Ya

someone on the GT hi power club gave me the remy home office phone number, there is even an option from the main phone directory to check the age of your weapon (by serial number i was told). Now to call before 5 when they're actually open.

looks like i got a new toy :lol:
the wingmaster model w/ checkered walnut grips is currently $600 new on davidson's website. 8)

now to outfit it....

hehe my first "project" gun :)
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they are good will love it

870 20 ga was my first gun...and i still love to just pick it up and hold it...even if i haven't shot it in years is configued with a slug barrel for deer hunting up here in WI, with a 2.5 scope on it....I tell ya...20 ga slugs will do a fine job on any deer in seldom do you get a shot over 100 yards around here anyway....and you have to use shotgun with slugs in the lower half of the state (or me GP100 for that....taken deer with both.)

I still have the original barrel for it too....took a few geese with it in my youth....though a 12 ga is really much better for the geese (damn frustrating to hear the steel shot bounce of the freaking bird as it flies away.....i shit you not!)
Ranger M9 is just so politically incorrect with his steel shot bias. When the coyotes eat that wounded goose, we don't want any lead poisoning. But I do worry about them chipping their teeth on steel. I keep my bedside short-barrel 870 loaded with 00 Buck, but if I have to shoot an intruder, I will call 911 for a body pickup so the lead doesn't get loose in the environment.
just got off the phone w/ remington. They ran my serial number. It was from a production run between 1950 and 1951!!!!!!!!!!

i thought it was in great shape for something from the 70's :p

ok now seriously does anyone have a BB handy?
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