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my new m9a1

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Hi, everyone,

I took my new M9A1 to the range for the first time last night. This is one excellent piece. All I did before firing it was take it down and apply a little lubricant where the manual recommended. It shot great from the first round. Here's my best 5-round group at 21' off-hand
. I fired 100 rounds of WWB, 100 rounds of American Eagle, and 20 rounds of Independence, all 115-grain FMJ. I didn't have a single FTF or FTE. You go, Steyr! Later,
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Congrats on the new gun, and nice shooting! Another one in western Washington I see. 8)
Big ups to the 206!

I've been shooting only since last September. I started out with a Ruger Mark III Hunter, and then I got a Ruger 50th Anniversary Blackhawk. I figured it was time to get a centerfire autoloader. I do all my shooting at Wade's in Bellevue. I tried out just about all their 9 mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP rental pieces before I decided on the Steyr. Sure, they don't have a Steyr for rental, but I knew about the M pistols. The bottom line was that the M is the coolest looking sidearm to me. I like how the low boreline weights the visual mass toward the muzzle. The profile reminds me of the Alien. Also, after scouring the Internet, especially this site, it sounded like the Steyr was like a Glock with better ergos. At Wade's, I was shooting Glocks the best, but that boxy grip kills my shooting thumb. Shooting the M9A1 is total comfort. To be totally realistic, tough, as nice as the Steyr is, it doesn't have that solid as a bank vault, smooth as hydraulics feel of my two Rugers. The trigger on my Steyr seems to have a little stickiness in the beginning before it starts moving. After it starts moving, it breaks clean. I figure the trigger will get smoother as I break it in. Shooting at Wade's is great, but it's a bit of a trek from Bainbridge Island. Can you recommend an indoor range in Kitsap county or around Tacoma? Later,
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congrats and I'm glad you like your new Steyr.Things will smooth in in a a few hundred rounds.

As a member of a 2 Steyr and 2 Ruger household I can however say that while a Steyr is well overbuilt (no partially unsupported chambers here) and tough (see article about 90krnds thru M series in articles section), NOTHING is as outright TANK-like as a Ruger.
You guys have good taste in firearms.

The Steyr really is what the Glock should have become. I was not impressed by Glock's display at Shot Show it just seems like they're resting on their old designs while the rest of the industry is really starting to pass them by in many respects.
Like to read about trips to range w/out problems. That is encouraging to me since I now have about 350 rnds thru my M9. I have shot it 3 times now; I have shot jhp and fmj, from 115 to 147 gr in standard to +p loads from various mfgs and like a fine scotch, just seems to get better over time.
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