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My new M40

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I just bought one of the sweetest guns I have held, and now shot, the Steyr M40, it's been a long road trying to find, and then buy one, I wish I would have known about this site and the posts about CDNN before I spent almost $500 after taxes, but it is well worth the cost. I got it NIB from Wades in Bellevue, WA. With one 12rd and one 10rd Mag.
I have run 600 rounds through my Steyr m40, all WWB, and about two clips full of hallow points, and have had neither jamming or FTE. Which I am VERY happy about, after reading all the stories aqbout FTE's. I did have one problem, the Steyr I got was the LEO model, and came with the key for the civvie model, but Steyr USA sent me a handcuff key and warrenty card within two days of contacting them, very happy with their responce time and service. I love my trituim night sites, it's amazing how clear and bright they are in the abesnce of light, and a very acurate sighting system for day time shooting. The only complaint I have right now is that the drop lever for the slide is VERY tight even after 600 rounds, I am keeping my hopes up that it will smooth itself out in a few more hundred rounds. I really appriciate all the help this site has been to me, showing exactly where and how to clean, and so on. I will post again after I shoot a couple more hundred through it and let you know how it is going.
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Yeah, my slide lever has stayed pretty stiff.

Believe it or not, that isn't even a euphamism.


I do like the trapezoid sights on the standard steyr, but yeah, it's a shame they aren't tritium trapezoid sights...
Welcome to the club, better late than never. I believe Steyrs have tighter tolleranaces and thus have a longer break in period and your release should work out fine with a few hundred more rounds. Its a tough job, but I'm sure you're up to the task :wink: .

You may also try changing your approach to pressing the slide lever. I found that I had a hard time with it when I first got the gun, but it was my technique, not the lever itself. I was "pressing" too much, and not "sliding down" enough, if that makes any sense.

Become familiar with exactly how it functions, and how to press it, and I'll bet things get easier for you.

Great to hear that Steyr took care of you so quickly. It's very reassuring, and a good indication that their new parts & service department in Georgia is ramping up and getting efficient quickly. very good.

Wlecome to the cult!
Matches/Its a tough job, but I'm sure you're up to the task
I think I can handle it. :D
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