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My new M40

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I reciently purchased an M40 instead of a Glock I was looking at and I am very, very happy with my decision. I have had a chance to go out and shoot it twice now with decent results. My groupings are not what I am used to but I'm sure they will improve I just have to get used to those sights and safety. I used a variaty of Winchester, CCI, Independence, and Remington ammo and had no malfunctions other than a few ejections strait back. I have about 400 rounds through it now and like it more each time I squeeze the trigger. Thanks to all for all the information and tips that you have made availible here.
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I also have the M40 and the M40A1
My "M" also sent one back at me every few rounds. After about 450-500 rounds it seems to have stopped.

My A1 has been perfect. Great guns ............Welcome to the club
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