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My new leather from Fist Inc. - w/pics.

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My IWB holster arrived from Fist today. I must say I am impressed with the quality.

This is the #17a, which is adjustable & cantable, with interchangeable loops.

The ride height and cant can be adjusted, and they have an abundance of different attachment loops & clips.

These two pics show how much adjustability there is in the cant - a LOT:

I went with the wide leather with belt loop slot. This allows you to "capture" your belt loop so the holster will not slide on your belt. Works just fine without the belt loop captured, also:

Here's the back - I also ordered mine with their "bodyguard" leather; the extra piece that sits between the slide and body. A worthwhile $8 upgrade:

Yeah, they "engrave" the model number, gun model, and "fist" into the leather. You might be able to have them not do that; doesn't bother me in the least that it's there.

I ordered mine for the M, and it fits the M and S equally well. It's a very secure fit. It does need some breaking in, but it feels as though it will be an excellent item. Seems to be extremely well-made and durable. The snaps on the loop are very secure "locking" style snaps.

Cost me about $65 shipped, and arrived right about on schedule; 3 weeks from order time to my door.

Thumbs up Fist! \:D/
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Nice report! Great pics, nicely lit for artificial. I like the engraving, kind of a touch of the craftsman.

3 weeks isn't bad for delivery. personally I don't carry IWB so I would really like to see a review of an on the belt holster (with pics)
madecov said:
3 weeks isn't bad for delivery. personally I don't carry IWB so I would really like to see a review of an on the belt holster (with pics) ... opic&t=136
Not to hijack hihoslva's thread, but remember that we set up a place to submit reviews in the main nav on the top-left. This makes it easier for us to get to reviews of products quicker and it's more organized.

Now back to ur reguarly scheduled conversation...

madecov said:
3 weeks isn't bad for delivery. personally I don't carry IWB so I would really like to see a review of an on the belt holster (with pics)
I have no reason to doubt that the other holsters they offer would be of the same quality.

I'd check them out - they have a super selection of styles and carry options.

BTW - the 3 week time was for THREE holsters, all custom made for different guns. Not bad - I expected it could take longer, but 3 weeks is just about their normal lead time for one holster, and I got all 3 at the same time.

As far the "reviews" section; I'll head over there and link to this thread.
I agree about Fist's quality. I have their #7 (OWB) and the #17 (IWB) for my Steyrs, plus a holster/mag combo for my Kel-Tec P3AT. All of my holsters are in kydex.

Top quality, great retention, last forever... You can't go wrong with the Fist line.

Regarding your IWB, do you tend to wear it at the 4 or 5 o'clock position?
TheNatureBoy said:
Regarding your IWB, do you tend to wear it at the 4 or 5 o'clock position?
Well, since this is my first IWB holster, and the state is taking its sweet time getting my permit mailed, I'll have to get back to ya' on that one. But from trying it on, I think 4 o'clock will be probably do it for me.

Off topic: My wife and I took the CCW class here in AZ the same day; mailed our paperwork out the next day. She got her permit TEN DAYS after we mailed the paperwork; Mailed March 21, received March 31.

I've heard this state encourages women to carry........and the same situation happend with her sister & brother-in-law who live nearby. She got hers in 2 weeks, his took two months......makes you wonder if the rumor is true......

Guess my wife can protect me while I sit here waiting..........
Isn't AZ an open carry state? We were out there a few weeks ago and I saw several people carrying revolvers on their hip. I guess this is a risky proposition, though, and carrying out in the open would require that you know everyone and they know you.
Yes, AZ is an open-carry state. But it's not all that common, especially in the more cosmopolitan suburbs of Phoenix where I live. I know in some of the outlying areas, open carry is the norm and isn't an odd sight. But around these parts, open carry would be cause for alarm, no matter how legal it is. In fact, I'd bet that if I open carried around here, at least 75% of the stores, etc. that I may enter would ask me to conceal it, get rid of it, or leave. And that is their right to request, and my legal requirement to comply.

Open carry would rock the boat - big time.

Concealed carry is by permit only in AZ. Open carry is for anyone.
Well, boys - I'm returning my Fist holster, and ordered one of the CompTac CTAC's.

The Fist just wasn't "doing it" for me. I never could get the fit of the gun to where I liked it - just too damn tight. I also couldn't keep it on my belt properly; due to the single-belt loop design, it wouldn't hold still, and was always twisting and canting. Uncomfortable. Just not what I expected.

The biggest problem though, was with the adjustable cant screws. They protruded into the inside of the holster, and I now have several good scratches in my pistol. I'm not distraught over the scratches, as I never meant for my guns to be museum pieces. But I'm still not happy with the fact that the holster caused them.

So back she goes. Fist has a no-hassle return policy, which makes life easier. And after the rave reviews of the CompTac stuff, I figured I'd give them a try.

Oh well. Lesson learned. I would absolutely recommend Fist, as their products seem to be very good and customer service has been great. Perhaps other models of holster would work better for me, but I decided to try the CTAC. Holster preference seems to be very individual, and this one didn't work out for me. Your mileage may vary.
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