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Bought me an S9 today. :)

Shop happened to have one on-hand. Musta seen me coming.....

I loved it as soon as I held it. Feels even better than my M9.

On another note, I had to make a modification already:

I noticed a "tick" (for lack of better word) when pulling the trigger with the gun "uncocked". Just sitting there, pulling the trigger, it got "sticky" toward the end of the pull, and "clicked" back - almost like a soft, miniature dry-fire. I found this very curious as my M9 exhibits none of this.

Upon taking the action out of the frame (both M and S), I noticed the trigger bar (#16) hanging up on the notch in the underside of the catch (#10) on the S. When cocked, this is what fires the gun. But uncocked, it is supposed to cleanly slide past the notch; mine was grabbing the notch ever so slightly. Enough to feel in the trigger. But not enough to move the catch - at least not *much*.

I had to very slightly bend the trigger bar to eliminate the hangup. It worked, and the trigger now feels smooth when uncocked and fires cleanly (dry-fire) after a rack of the slide. Feels just like my M.

I have to wonder what would have happened if the trigger bar got REALLY hung up on the catch, if anything.

Still love my new S9 though. I think the M9 likes having a little brother.....:) And I already gave the S the same grip-tape treatment as the M - so not only does the M now have a sibling, but they wear the same clothes. I expect they'll eat the same "food", too.

Okay, enough of that shit.......
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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