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Prior to going to the range last week, I completely field stripped my pistol, plus the extractor mechanism and the firing pin channel, etc...
I found some "sludge" in the extractor area and cleaned it out with Powder Solvent and pipe cleaners, etc...It wasn't that bad. My guns are cleaned immediately after shooting.

I keep my guns mint and impeccably clean. Now, my Steyr M9 was ultra mint. Nicely lubricated, etc....It took my about 30 minutes to do the entire job.

I fired about 60-70 rounds through the gun. The first 30, the gun performed perfectly. After that, I had a total of 6 FTE's.

I was using WWB. Brand new, purchased at Sports Authority the night before.

I am disgruntled. Here is what I did to "fix it".

1. My gun was so tight that it sometimes would not go fully into battery when I would load a magazine and rack the slide. I polished the slide rail area, here is a pic of the area, covered in brass:

After a little bit of polishing and a light wet sanding, I loaded a magazine and had no problems with it going into battery when I racked the slide.
It looks as if I took off a little bit of the green/grey finish, nothing more.
It was: do a little polishing sanding, then test...I repeated this process until I got it just right.

2. I am still having problems with rounds not ejecting, which leads to stovepipes. I noticed while reviewing DAIAdvisor's tutorial that the extractor should be able to be moved at least 1/8" to 1/4" by using your finger-finger pressure. Mine would not budge. If you wanted to move it, you would need to use a small screwdriver and A LOT of force.

So, I stripped the extractor mechanism and proceeded to wet sand the surfaces that make contact with the extractor. This is essentially both the top and bottom of the channel that the extractor sits in.

I have my fingers crossed that this will work. Will post results when I go to the range next. If it works, I will post details and instructions as to exactly what I did and how.

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when i had fte problems. i pinpointed the problem to a magazine.

one of my 5 factory steyr S40 mags was/is bad, not sure what makes it cause fte`s but it certainly does. the other 4 mags are flawless. one day for snits and giggles i dropped in the "now named" FTE MAG.. to see if it was just a fluke.. but nope.. one shot, fte, rerack, shot fte.. always causing stovepipes. check your mags.. label them mark them in some way to distinguish them. you may be suprised of the results.. keep a notepad in your rangebag with a pen.. keep track of problems and what magazine caused the problem.. im assuming my one mag is out of spec , so to speak.. wish i knew how or why.. but hey.. i never have any problems with any of my other 4 mags..

for the record, i primarily shoot wwb,and pmc .40 at the range, i stay away from wolf and ANY "clean" ammo... lead free so to speak.. never liked the stuff.

just my 2cent.. even though i only got a penny for my thoughts.

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