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Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by RangerM9, Jul 25, 2005.

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    well happened at first FTE with my M9....well...actually haven't shot the thing all that much, maybe 600 rd total now...but i finally got an FTE....the first prob ever with that gun. Was shooting 115 grain WWB bulk packs from Wally World. Hot motherbleeping day at the range, was after about 2 hours of rifle shooting (got my Yugo 59/66 SKS out for the first time ever today....damn that is fun to shoot!)...moved over to the 25 yard brother had put about 80 rds through it not prob, i switch off with him, he used my GP100 for a while, while I shot the M9, second round out a 10rd clip....FTE...dropped the mag, kept her pointed down ranger...took a good solid jerk on the slide to pop it open...slamed the mag back in and went back to more probs...

    fired another 30 or so rounds before we called it quits....too freaking hot to shoot anymore.....was about 95 with a heat index of about 115 today...drank about 3 cans of soda, and 2 bottles of water in 2 hours, never even had the slightest urge to piss.....sweated all that water out of me....wheew!

    still love my M9, but i can no longer call it perfect....ah well....
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    I hate to say it but 500-600 rounds is about when I started have trouble.


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    I'm not too worried yet. Will give it a good cleaning tonight, along with all my other guns i shot yesterday (just had no time to do it yesterday)...will hope this is not the beginning of big trouble.
  4. I wouldn't sweat it Ranger...pun intended.

    Give it a good never know could have been something odd about that particular round of ammunition, they make millions of those rounds and it certainly isn't outside the realm of possibility that you caught a bad one.

    Keep us informed.
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    I noticed with my M9 that if I limp wrist it at all it, even just a tiny bit, it will have an FTE. If I really concentrate and think about what I am doing each time I pull the trigger it operates as it should. Even if it is dirty and already had a couple hundred rounds through it.

    I think this might be one of the biggest problems with these guns especially the 9mm's. They are very light and need a steady and precise grip to cycle correctly.

    I'm not saying this is what happened to you but it is something to think about.

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    actually i think you are dead on


    Actually i think you are right, and that was my first thought when i had the FTE, i wasn't focusing so much on my form, i was just plinking and having fun with my brother and my soon-to-be father in law. After that FTE though i focused on my grip and never had any more probs...not that i shot a whole lot more that day.

    Cleaned the M9 out last night, little breakfree CLP, toothbrush, and patches....she looks like brand new.

    I'm not too worried about at this point. if i get more of these while i am alone at the range and really practicing, i'll start to worry, but i think this one could be attributed to user error.

    A side note: went to 3 Gander Mountain stores in my area last week.... all have Steyrs at this point. 1 new M9 for $300, a M40 used for about $370, and an M40 used for $489!!!.....amazed at the price differences on the 40s between two must be like NIB and the other shot quite a bit.
  7. Doesn't Gandor Mountain seperate their NIB's from their used pistols? That is alot of money by the way too, I got my M-40 from Gandor for $420 out the door and it was NIB condition.
  8. RangerM9

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    they are in separate counters, and these were in fact in 3 different stores.

    my guess is that the $489 one being the M40...the gun dept there knows they are sold out nationally....maybe demand is picking up.
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    Would hotter ammo fix this problem? That worries me that the M9 is so prone to problems from limp-wristing, but perhaps it isn't surprising considering the gun was designed around the .40 S&W originally.
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    sorry guys, split the sks posts into new thread in "anything else" section.

    not trying to stop you guys from talking sks, just trying not to spilt the topic.
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    My jams have only been FTE based. The stovepipe scenario that involves removing the mag, holding the slide back and shaking.

    Didn't happen in the beginning 200 rounds, but later on, I had this issue, even with a fully cleaned gun.

    This was with WWB.
  12. FlaChef

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    w/ multiple mags (they're marked in some way to track, right)?
    cleaned your mags recently?

    i had the exact same thing and was around 2,000= rounds w/ mags that had never been cleaned.

    solved it right there.