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My DPMS is back

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Here are some pics of my DPMS...I normally do my own work, but I had a few issues with this, so I sent it off...DPMS LR 308 with Badger Ordnance Stabilizer handguard, barrel threaded for YHM FH.

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what capacity mag is that?

what did it cost if you dont mind me asking? ballpark figure would work
20 round mags....when you are asking about price...are you asking total price or just the work...the work was pretty cheap. $30 to thread the barrel...$40 to install the handguard.

handguard with my discount $150
DPMS barrel nut $50
Badger gas block $50

Part of my issue was the guy I spoke to at BO...dude was an idiot...I called him 4-6 times to verify...the AR10 stabilizer handguard is sent with a barrel nut for an Armalite AR10...BO makes a barrel nut for the DPMS, but you have to buy it from BO...when I spoke to the guy at BO he said my gas block would fit underneath their didn' I call him back again and asked which gas block I should use and he had no clue...come to find out later that BO sells gas I spend another $50 for the barrel nut and another $50 on the DPMS on a gas block...BO gas block didn't fit on my barrel that's when I decided to send it off to Randall aka AR15barrels...great guy to deal with...and his prices are very reasonable. He installed everything and had my upper back to me within a week...and we are talking about shipping from CA to PA.
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Very nice, Aubie 8)

Send us some best target pics at 1-, 2-, and 300 yds. I'm kinda envious. I haven't shot rifles in years but I'd shoot that one inna heartbeat. Oh well. Cya.

Wulf <-- wonders away sulkin'

If you go to one of my groups from this rifle is there...don't mind that I didnt' spelled Medal...metal...these are super accurate rifles. I am debating on doing the same thing to my other rifle.
Awesome.......on my list too..........someday. :cry:
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