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My Custom S357 Sig Project

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Heres a bunch of progress pictures and after pictures I took of my custom Steyr. Sorry the pictures aren't great, they're from my crappy phone camera. It started as a project gun but quickly became my favorite gun to carry/shoot. The frame modifications now make this grip fit like a glove for me and the .357 Sig barrel is insanely accurate / fun to shoot! The pistol started as a M40-A1. I installed a BT steel guide rod and BT delrin bushings which were both great upgrades IMO. Shortly after I swapped the barrel to .357 Sig after scoring one from another Steyrclub member.

I didn't like how the butt of the gun printed so I chopped the grip and reshaped it to the "S" frame size. It now accepts S40 magazines.
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Then I ground down the serrations and indents on the backstrap.
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Next I undercut and polished the trigger guard.
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After the undercut, my grip was much higher and the finger groove didn't fit right so I removed it also.
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Next I contoured the edges of the grip from square to more round corners. I felt this was a drastic improvement for the grip. Then I ground all the texturing of the sides of the grip because I planned on stippling later. I removed the "Mannlicher" on the bottom but left the small Steyr logo next to it. I then polished the entire grip smooth.
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I decided to Cerakote the frame "Magpul OD Green". Unfortunately, I didnt get pictures after all the prep work (blasting, degreasing, taping...) Just in and out of the oven.

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Now it was time to make borders and sand the negative space back to black.
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Finally, it was time to finish it with stippling. I went with a medium dimple stippling. This gave a great grip and feel but wasn't too aggressive that it would rip shirts/skin.
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Last thing I did was paint the front sight triangle orange and the rear trapezoid black.
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Some after pics
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Air gun Trigger Amber Gun barrel Wood
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Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Wood Gun accessory
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Nice job! The frame mods, the paint, the stippling, all look awesome. Well done.
Goods good
Very nice! I'd like to see if anyone has done any other customizing like machined slots in the slide barrel area
Hey thanks a lot guys!
Very nice! I'd like to see if anyone has done any other customizing like machined slots in the slide barrel area
I've only seen a couple people who have machined their Steyr slides. One was a ported barrel and slide done by Mag-na-port. It looked really nice but I cant find the picture. Another one that comes to mind is Ccombatcarl's S40 seen here And this L9-A1 from Dixie Gunworx
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You really worked on this, looks like a quality result, hope it shoots well for you and thank you for posting, the photos are fine
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