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My "competition" rig. Don't laugh, much.

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After your Tanfoglio TA90 jams 4 times on one stage in a competition
class and you've had enough(...good natured teasing from the
instructor), here is what you do to modify your already hokey gear to
accomodate your Steyr S9 you bought on a whim because CDNN was almost

Desantis Yaqui Belt Slide:
From the Home Depot, get 2 3/4"Lx1/2"od thin walled nylon tubular
spacers and 2 1" screws with 8x32 fine threads(?). Remove the rubber
spacer from your Uncle Mike's double mag pouch and place it inside one
of the nylon tubes, you may need to trim its diameter somewhat. Use this filled
tube and a longer screw to replace the upper screw on the Yaqui
slide. Take the other longer screw and the empty tube and replace the
lower screw on the holster. You will need to adjust it to its lowest
orbital point to allow for the front of the trigger guard. Place EMPTY
gun in holster tighten the screws. It should get enough pressure from
the rubber cusioned tube under the triggerguard to provide moderate
retention, enough to turn the contraption upside down and retain the
gun yet still allow a decent draw.
The shorter gun in a belt holster with a huge belt loop will flop
around more on your 1-1/4" Target belt and lean out at a 35 deg. angle
like a gunslingers 6-gun. You'll need to take a plastic Walmart hanger
that is amazingly the exact height you need and shove in the bottom of
the belt loop. Black duct tape to cover it up will only fall off and
get your belt sticky. Suck up the untacticalness of white plastic and
put a little 3M Safety-Walk tape on the sides facing the belt
loop. The 3m tape and the protruding screw will keep it in place.
Find the gromets you discarded when you adjusted the holster to fit
your thin CZ clone, you'll need them for the mag pouch.

Uncle Mike's Double Magazine Pouch:
The pouch you bought that works fine with the thinner Tanfoglio mags
won't hold those short, fat S9 mags. In addition, you've already
stolen the rubber spacer for the top retention screw. Replace it with
the previously mentioned pair of rubber gromets from the Desantis
holster. This will allow enough width adjustment to fit the S9 mags.
You can also remove the lower screw and replace it in front of the
belt loop attachment. You will now be able to slip it on like a
paddle holster for the huge amount of dry fire reloads you will need
to do to grab ahold of the ~1" of magazine that protrudes from the top
of the pouch and shove it past your fat strong hand pinky.

Thanks for your time, I hope you learned something. I sure did.
Anyone want to part with a Glock 17 cheap? I have a used TA90 to

See the M&S forum for my "Shooting the S9" installment, coming soon.

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