My Birthday "Party"

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Guest, Apr 17, 2005.

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    Today was my 40th birthday. I was teasing my wife a few weeks ago and wondered out loud whether big "kids" could have parties like the little kids do at Chuck E. Cheese. So imagine my surprise when my neighbor and I showed up to the range this wife had reserved three lanes and invited my other buddy for a "party". The lane target holder had a big "40th" sign and balloon (which I promptly shot!). She even had goody bags for everyone, complete with 100 rounds of WWB for each of us!

    Needless to say, we had a great time. We got to sling a bunch of lead down range -- completely sanctioned by "the Boss". I was breaking in my new CZ 75BD and my buddy has his new Steyr M9. I put a picture of my "40th" target on my website, here:

    You guys should look into was the most fun I've had at a birthday in years. All the credit goes to my wife...she's the best!

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    Happy b-day Jim, sounds like you had tons of fun!


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    you are now over the hill; enjoy :lol:
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    Happy B-Day Jim!

    Sounds like you have a gem of a partner there. You'll have to go a ways to top what she did for you.

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    Happy 40th Jim! Sounds like a blast! :twisted:
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    Sweetest thing I've heard in a long time.
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    Happy B-day

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    Happy B-day!!


    Sounds like you had a great time. Hope one day my wife to be will be as into the shooting thing as your better half is....Her father is much more into it....actually gave me a box of shells yesterday for cleaning up his C&R Mosin-Nagant....they were .40 SW....which i don't have....guess i now have an excuse to go buy one!

    Also....found a used Ruger P89 over the weekend....seemed quite nice...and the price was about $290....I think it calls to me in my sleep....HA!...kidding. They also had a new M9, and "used" M9....used being that they guy who bought it wanted an M40, and the person sold him an M9....which he returned unfired....I should have bought that on sight....but the funds are lowish right now....besides....i have .40 ammo to use....i should get the many little money...

    have a good one
  9. Sounds like my kind of birthday bash, all you needed was some BBQ and that would have been my idea of heaven. haha.

    Happy Birthday!