Must be lucky, M-9 works flawlessly

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, May 26, 2005.

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    Hi guys. After reading several reports of failures to extract, I am pleased to announce that after my first range session of 250 rounds, the M-9 was perfect.

    I used Remington UMC ammo, mostly firing five rounds at a time but occassionally filling up each 10 and 14 round mag to test the function with full mags. The gun did not hiccup at all. I purposely went through the 250 rounds rather quickly to see if I could get the gun hot enough to fail as I've read that sometimes happens.

    The accuracy was excellent, especially since this is my first polymer gun and pre-cocked trigger. The trigger takes some getting used to but it didn't hinder my accuracy. At 15 yards I was pretty much getting a ragged hole in the 10 ring. About on par with my Sig P228, which I shoot a little better, but not much.

    I like the low bore axis and the low felt recoil. The hump on the back of the grip bothered me at firts, but I got used to it and may add a Hogue Handall grip to see how that works. I have pretty large hands and the grip felt thin to me.

    I'm going to keep putting rounds through this gun to test for reliabliltiy, but at this point I wouldn't hesitate to carry it after putting some hollow points through to and make sure they work. So far I'm very pleased with this well made accurate and reasonably priced firearm.
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    I've been thinking about putting a Handall on my M9 too...just not sure it will fit right due to the factory finger hold on the front of the grip..

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    I have a HandAll on my M40, and it works very well. I have really big hands so it helps fill the grip out for me. My only problem with the handall (on both the M40 and my glock) is I have problems with it slipping around a little. I never notice it when I'm shooting, but every couple weeks I have to slide it around to get it back to where I want it. I've heard you can use hairspray to keep it from sliding, but I have been reluctant as of yet to spray down my grips with hairspray.

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    Not lucky ... lots of us have flawless M9s ... at least I do ... I know IDPA's pistol has 65,000 plus rounds through it.
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    you should not be a lucky guy to have reliable Steyr pistols, this is wrong!

    sometimes shit happens and becomes known via internet to another steyr owners. It doesnt means that such problems are similar to all steyr pistols.

    Steyr series are quallity handguns and meet highest standarts and for me are equal to any other high class weapons like Sig, FN or Glock.
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    Well, I was being a little facetious. No doubt the Steyr is a high quality and reliable firearm as I stated in the original post. I'm now confident enough with it that I'm carrying it.