Mother of all M-S range reports

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    As previously posted in "World's First S357 Range Report" and the Rooshian rifle shootout, Big Taco, yours truly and my son-in-law, hereinafter referred to as Can0Beans, got together at a range in Pittsburgh for a shoot-em-up session. We popped an uncounted number of caps in a grand total of seven pistols and two rifles and had a fine old time, yes indeedy!

    Here's the pistol lineup, with one exception. When I shot this, I forgot we had already popped a few caps with my Kel-Tec PF-9 pocket pistol and it was already back in my pocket. BT didn't like it, Can0Beans did like it and I love it.

    Top row, left to right: my S&W 669 subcompact 9mm and Glock 29 subcompact 10mm.
    Second row, BT's S40 and my M357-A1.
    Third row, BT's M9 and Can0Beans' Ruger P95 9mm.

    And here's BT's two rifles, Kel-Tec Sub-2000 9mm with Glock 30-round "full-capacity" mag and Rooshian Mosin-Nagant 7.62x54R with composite sporter stock and sling. At least I got the chance to teach the two young whippersnappers one thing: How to rig a "hasty sling" to hold the Rooshian rifle steady while shooting.

    Shooting both rifles was a blast, even if my young whippersnapper of a son-in-law did outshoot both BT and me with the Rooshian bolt action. And from shooting the Sub-2000, I've got a couple of nice powder-burn streaks still remaining three days later on my right jowl , but so what? I felt it burning after the first round or two, but I kept on shooting the entire 30-round Glock mag because it was so *amn much fun. That's the price us lefties have to pay to shoot semi-auto rifles with short, stubby stocks with your face right down near the eject hole.

    But in nearly four hours at the range, the most fun I had was shooting pistols at bulls-eye targets at 50 yards. As BT says, aim small, miss small. Them 8-inch bulls looked awful small at 50 yards, but it was a blast trying to hit it.

    I figured at the start I finally had a chance to whip BT as he was shooting his S40 and I was shooting my M357-A1. The extra half-inch of sight extension between the S and the M ought to give me an edge, right? Well maybe it did, but he still whipped the socks off me.

    Here's our target after about two rounds between us, best I can remember. Short version is all the holes in the black are BT's and a few of the holes in the white and off the target are mine. But it was a lot of fun anyway.


    I decided to put up a fresh target and take a try at 50 yards with my G29 and I did a bit better. Would you believe I only fired six rounds and that's the six holes in the target? Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it. At least I finally got one round in the black and two on the edge of the black. As good as the trigger is on my newly BT-improved M357-A1, it's still 6 lbs. and my heavily customized G29 has a 2.5 lbs. trigger. Works for me.

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    as i recall, i put 4 out of ten on the paper with the s40. those are the circled holes SANS "J". then netfotoj shot 9-10 rounds resulting in the "J" circles.

    then put ten out of ten on the paper with the m357. the remaining non-circled holes.

    considering that the paper is smaller than the size of my chest, i feel good that if the bad guy stood still long enough, i could make a solid hit even at 50 yards.

    explaining to the DA how my life was endangered by a guy standing still at 50 yards is a whole different story.

    to me the biggest difference in the two was the hogue handall grip. a very full feeling and very round shape along with the non-stick action of the rubber let me keep the sights on target as i slide the trigger slowly rearward.

    the bare grip on the s40 was a little slipperier and my hands were a little crowded to hold the sights dead on during trigger pull.

    what amazed me is that i was using a dead-on hold. no holding 6" above the target. and the rounds were hitting basically dead on or if anything a little high.

    i was very surprised at the over-all fit, finish and feel of the g29. i understand it was thoroughly worked over by an obviously fanatical and qualified glock armorer. but the feel of it was very solid, the recoil was less than the 357 sig (still snappier than a .40), the trigger was very nice with no hitches, creep or stacking and the stippling has to be seen to be believed. whoever did it knew how to wield a soldering iron!

    my issue with the pf9 was the mile long trigger pull. i thoroughly understand the concept behind the long double action, and there was none of the expected stack or creep. my issue was that i felt the need to re-position my trigger finger after taking up the first three quarters of take-up. which i should have done because when the gun recoiled it slammed my trigger finger into the mold crease inside the trigger guard, which was verging on painful. i had 7 rounds and only shot 6 because i didn't want any more of that kind of abuse!

    fun was had by all and i look forward to doing it again.


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    Looks like an excellent boys' day out; and nice shooting at 50 yds from a service pistol.
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    Jeez, no wonder ammo prices are going up - you guys must have shot up most of the supply during your meet :p. Do I even want to know how many rounds you guys went through during Netfoto's visit? :shock:

    This just further reaffirms my suspicion that we are in desperate need of a national Steyrclub meet. 8) I just don't know if we have enough "dedicated members" who could clear enough time off their busy plates to make it...
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    So who was counting? Seven pistols and two rifles, ammo expended was just too much to keep track of. I will volunteer that we had a few rounds left between us when we quit. But not many. Just enough to load a pocket pistol and an S-40 so we didn't leave unarmed. :mrgreen: