More Pictures of MA1 in Action

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  1. wpdleo

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    Guys, here are more pictures of MA1 in action :D .

    BTW, I am not a mystry person :shock: , I am the Steyr rep in Taiwan. These MA1s are the new toys of ROC Army Special Forces. It is a small elite CT unit and they are going Steyr all the way.

    Enjoy the pics.:lol:
  2. mugdava

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    Oh Yeah! :twisted:

    Thanks for posting some really awesome pics! :D :D :D

  3. bigtaco

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    nice pics. always cool to see steyrs in action. cool idea using a net to catch the empties. should of thought of that YEARS ago.

    we sure are glad to have someone of official repute frequenting this board.

    we've all known for some time that steyr likes to go after large military contracts.

    maybe you could drop a line to the new honchos in austria that the american marketplace is chock full of gun buyers who would fill their safes up with steyr weapons IF... steyr would do their part by:

    1) supporting sai by keeping regular quantities of parts consistently available. the gang at sai has been stellar by all accounts. they've been courteous, prompt, helpful, and an absolute example of what firearm customer service should be. when they are compared to many other company's customer service departments... well, there is no comparison.

    2) provide the means necessary for a marketing barrage. when steyr ran ads in the gun magazines, this site was SWAMPED with new potential buyers who had never known that steyr made handguns. many of those people put their money where the mouth was and ran out to purchase a steyr. you put that beautiful weapon on glossy pages, keep sufficeint supplies of them on dealer's shelves where they can be ogled by potetenial customers, and they'll move. they'll move BIG TIME.
  4. wpdleo

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    I think because of that HS .50 to Iran deal, Steyr was sanctioned by the US government. For example, they are not allowed to buy Insight products and Leupold scopes. I don't know if this prevents them from selling in the US. SAI can probably give you a better answer. Last time I talked to Karl Walter of SAI, he said that they are starting an aggressive marketing campaign in the US. It has been a year or so, I honestly don't know if they have done it yet.
  5. MrApathy

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    thanks for sharing those pics.
    guy on the left looks to be developing a smile the more he shoots it and photos progress

    not sure how much longer the sanction will last or what all it includes believe it had a 2 year duration. though might of been limited to rifles.
  6. Wulf

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    Yep...know the feelin'! :twisted:

    Looks like he's gettin' 'is groove-on takin' out 'is target. Ya gotta love it. :p

  7. Shooter

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    Well, that's not a gunshow booth........ooops......... :oops: can't wait to see some AUG's in USA......Microtech, the knife company is marketing their own AUG..
    .......anyone interested in looking at should google Microtech knives and see it...........
  8. srfl

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    Very cool photos...thanks for sharing.
  9. smores

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    Yeah, the smile on that guy's face just makes me want one of these even more!!!! (*thinking I should get off my duff and work some overtime to get one ;)*)
  10. jjuarez

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    Very nice pics, I always enjoy the Steyr action, I currently own a M40 and the conversion for 9mm and I would like to know if you feel any difference when you shoot the A1 compared to the non A1, my pistol is a 13xxx so I havent have any problems with it.

    I was looking to buy a A1 but in Guatemala we have currently have a restriction by the US so Steyr cannot currently sell any defensive weapon here.

    Hope to read your comments.
  11. squirrelpotpie

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    Hi wpdleo,

    Thanks for sharing, nice equipment in both posts and appreciated the action shots.

    Was wondering about the selection process that led these guys to Steyr and whether you have any comparative info or stories from the field testing they must have done with other weapons.

    Or was their purchase just a matter of getting the best deal available on quality firearms?
  12. Angel

    Angel Guest

    Yeah, and how many months before we see M1-A knock offs made in China. :twisted:
  13. Nice Choice With the Steyr MA1.

    Wish the US would go with a new service pistol and pick the Steyr MA1.

    How do you like the Steyr overall?

    What was the initial impressions of your men after they fired it?
  14. Gray_Wolf

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    say what now? :shock:

    I got to say Steyr would have a hard time beating the 92FS in the reliability departmant; my M9A1 works just fine with factory ammo (1 FTE) but my 92FS works flawlesly with (quality) reloads that jam in the Steyr... Plus after the whole Iran thing I doubt they would even consider Setyr ...:?
  15. ronin67

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    I would defineately agree with you on the US not buying anything from Steyr for government use. Glock is about to step on its crank also. Glock wants to sell 30,000 pistols to Iran. What is up with all the weapon sales to Iran from both of these Austrian weapon based companies? Are they looking to get shut out from the US market all together?? I'm not sure what they are thinking. As far as the Beretta 92FS (know as the M9 in the military), it is a very good weapon that fires everytime you pull the trigger, but the finish has much to be desired against the elements. You really have to baby it with oil so it doesn't rust in a field environment (from my experience in the Army). Beretta can't beat the tenifer finish on Steyrs and Glocks.

    Take Care and God Bless! :)

    Ronin (Ed)

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    Excellent timing on the camera shutter. Thanks.