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  1. Listen I'd really like to see more pictures of the AUG-A3 if you guys can find any on the net or better yet from real life and can add them in the Photo Gallery I'd really appreciate it.

    Need more gun porn! I'm so excited about the possibility of a civilian version of the AUG-A3 I pray to God almost weekly for its release on the civilian market. Anyways, you guys get the point.
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  3. Thanks, but I've seen that nice gallery. Is the AUG-A3 even being field tested right now? If so, I've got to imagine that their are some pictures of it in the hands of an Austrian in the field? Maybe not.
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  5. Thanks made my day. Call me a crazy Steyr nut, but that video clip gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. God, I want an AUG.