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Modified Magazines

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So last night, I went on a board and someone showed how to modify Browning High Power magazines to be used in the M9/S9 and was wondering if the same would be possible for the M40/S40. I'd seen a thread talking about M&P magazines being a possibility or XD as well. Has anyone done this? 12 rounds in a magazine isn't bad, but who doesn't want more shooting and fewer reloads am I right?
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Not sure how to answer your questions but if you want M 17rds 9mm magazine, Brownells have them on sale for $27.99 each.
I plead guilty to hacking M&P and Sigma mags to run in my M40-A1.

I moved the mag retention notch up (really I just butchered it with a dremel), added an Arredondo basepad to the M&P and got a 19 round .40 mag. NOTE: Neither Big Taco nor Thaiboxer could make these two mags work reliably in their .40s, so there's something with my two weapons (one of which was sold to get my CZ 75B), which let the mags work. I've shot USPSA matches and never had a mag problem, so I don't know what to say. If you're willing to invest in the M&P mags, and the Arredondo basepads you may get yours to work.

I've also got some Sigma mags (SS) which also work in my weapons, same hack job. I actually did them first, then moved to the M&P mags.
I'm kind of new to magazine modification in general. I'd be willing to try the M&P mag mod if you would be willing to provide some more detail. Or if you have any pictures of the magazine. I'm willing to risk the money on experimentation.
Hey MrKT
You gotta a link on modifying the hi power mags for M9's???
Here you go. I could not get the attachment button to work for me.

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