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Miami Vice

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I would be happy with either!

Unfortunately, neither are mine!

P.S. IDPA - I sent you a PM a couple days back. Thanks for the info.

Regards, CGuns
Boy. Feelings Hurt.

The case itself I think is pretty exclusive...and appropriately "chic".


I think I will post a cash bed with the AUG as well. He never was much for resting on mere, open-cell foam. Dead U.S. Presidents however....

You make a good point, however, it is still interesting to see how many people refer to "cash" or "change" as I like to call it as Dead Presidents.

Salmon P. Chase I am short on as well as Woodrow Wilson....

I guess Woodrow Wilson would be the only "high denomination" dead president.

I hope they put Dubya on a bill.


I can think of a million uses for this bill in the world today.
10 of these bad boys and you are looking at a million cash.

A lot better than doing the equivalent with Franklin. Compressed as tightly as possible, stacks of old Benjamin in the amount of 1 Mil USD is about the size of a small television..(13"-14" screen). It weighs a hefty 20 pounds, too....a million in cash, in Benjamin.

And, a normal biefcase you can only stuff with about $780,000 USD. Contrary to what they show in the movies.
On the other hand, if you get a Halliburton Aluminum Briefcase, the 5" width model, you can stuff $1 Mil USD in it.
Otherwise, you need to use a doctor's attache, which will hold $1.2 Mil Benjamin.

Just imagine, bring back the $100,000 bad boy and you will only need an envelope to get the job done.

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1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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