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Hi all,

I bought a great police conversion 1912 Steyr Hahn in 9mm luger a while back and began looking into Steyr's modern offerings.

With a Steyr rebate about to end and i came across a screaming deal and purchased my first modern steyr.

Its an M9a1 - 2009 i believe (BOD). PW arms import mark. Matching numbers.

It does not have the role bar nor does it have the trapezoid sites (3 dot system). Also came with 15 rounders.

Apparently these are overflow from a military contract some years back.

Got a great price for it, but was a little disappointed when it arrived with the older gear.

Have not shot it yet! But im looking forward to it.

Its a clean pistol, seemingly new in box, although the extractor looks a bit out of whack?

Either way , I thought this would be a good way to enter the M9 world (that and it would have been another 40 bucks to send back and restock).

About 150 more bucks would have gotten me the L9-a1 (which is what im really after).

Can anyone one tell me if i am missing much with this older pistol?

Or should i just go enjoy this solid piece i got for a good deal?

I figure i can always flip it and try again on another random internet deal.

Also, if anyone wants to Trade for these 3 dot sights, please let me know.

Same for one of the 15 rounders (they sit flush with the gun and apparently are desirable for some of you styer heads i was told?)


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Welcome aboard! I'm fairly new to the Steyr world as well. I've heard nothing but good things about Steyr customer service and I've heard they fully support the PW import (grey market) guns. Yours might be in need of an extractor upgrade. I think they will send you an upgrade kit for free if you need one. Magazines seem to be widely available and there are at least a couple of companies making aftermarket parts; Big Taco Guide Rods (guide rods, striker guide bushings, etc.) and Ranger Point Precision (guide rods and reduced power mag catch springs).
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