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Discussion in 'New Member Check-In' started by WorldPax, Mar 26, 2005.

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    Welcome everyone- quite a little thing Delux has started for us.

    Let me be the first to stand up and introduce myself, I'm sure many of you may already know each other from GT, but I'm new so....

    Name: Pax
    Location:Tulsa, OK

    I work in the airline industry (Dispatch), but I'm soon moving into Lear Jet Charter. I'm married, 34 yrs old. Hobbies are flying (PVT,INST), SCCA autoX, and of course shooting, which I'm just getting back into.

    I hope to do some IDPA, maybe take some defensive shooting classes, and generally become more proficient with my Steyr.
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    Hey there..


    Location: ORLANDO,FL

    My name is Dalton. I am 32 years of age. Grew up Around Law Enforcement,Yet at 18 decided it was not for me. Born in Long Island,New York. moved to Florida in 1980 with the parents. First firearm was a Springfield .22 rifle age 15. first pistol was a taurus model 85 "2 stainless.
    Started as a member of the GT site back in July when I first Purchased my Steyr S40. Have a beautiful fiance and love Mustangs and Sportbikes.

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    Hey Guys,
    My name is Dave, I live in the peoples republic of Mass. I'm 42 yrs. old. My first gun was bought back in 82 just as I received my CCL. It is a HK P9 sport. I found this site because of my appreciation of German engineering. I have a Styer LP1 match air pistol that I shoot several times a week.Other interests are woodworking (my profession) antiques ( guns,knives,trucks and houses ) I am in the process of purchasing an S-9 or S-40
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    My real name is Ian, and I'm 31. I live in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona; moved here in November 2004 after being a New Yawk boy my whole life.

    Married 2.5 years to my high-school sweetheart. No kiddies yet.....just a pair of cats.

    My wife and I are full-time real estate investors, and I also enjoy playing guitar, shooting 9-ball, and have made money doing both in the past :).

    I bought my first gun - the M9 - only a couple of months ago. Since then, my wife and I have collected a Walther P22, Beretta Tomcat, Firestorm .380, and an S9. My favorites are still my Steyrs, of course.
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    MY Info

    My Name is Norm Walker and I am 27.

    I work at a wireless store in River Falls WI. My Dad and I own a small t-shirt sales company that we are working on making bigger. I have been married now for 5 years to a great woman who is very understanding of my expensive hobby.

    Besides shooting IPSC my next hobbies include amatuer photography, mountain biking ,and working on my fleet of computers.

    Here is a pic of my lovely wife and I.

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    Wow, you and Kool G. Rap have something in common! New Yorkers moving to AZ ... Is this a trend? I'm a relocated New Yorker as well ... not going back either. 8)
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    Sturm, thought you'd be older but you're my age! 8O
  8. Guest

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    So you thought I was one of the old farts!! I don't know if that is a good thing or bad thing.
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    Assume its good. That way, I don't have to watch my back if I'm ever in "Cheesehead" territory. :lol:
  10. hihoslva

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    Hell NO I'm not going back to NY. Visit, yes. Live? Screw that. They can keep their cold & snow & dirt & insane home prices & outrageous real estate taxes &.........everything else.

    There are a suprising number of NYkers out here. In fact, I think this whole frigging valley is filled with imports from various parts of the country.

    I'm not familiar w/Kool G rap - maybe I just missed him on the boards. Has he migrated over here?

    Where in NY were you from, KONY? I lived on Long Island - Suffolk County. Any idea where Kool G was from?
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    sounds like orlando. I swear in the 6 years I've lived here I've only ever met like 12 people who were actually born and raised here!

    Compared to growing up in pensacola where 85% of the people born there never leave and the only new people are all ex-navy returnees.
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    Just showing my NYC side as Kool G. Rap is an old school rapper that moved to AZ once his career took a downturn. I was born and raised in Brooklyn.

    Yup! Lived in Orlando for almost 2 years and lots of NYers there!
  13. hihoslva

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    Yikes. I feel a little stupid no idea you weren't talking about a fellow Steyr aficionado.....oh well.

    Brooklyn in da' house - top of da' food chain. Ahh, yes. Kings County. I know it "reasonably" well. I did a lot of work there when I lived on Strong Island. I worked all over the tri-state; lots in the boroughs (TONS in Manhattan), LI, CT, Jersey, Upstate.

    I'm going back in June for a wedding. Kinda looking forward to it. Hoping to take a business associate of mine from here who has never lived anywhere other than New Mexico & Arizona. Oughtta be interesting for him.
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    No sweat! My own fault for always assuming. I must be slipping as I should've created a whole story about "how me and good ol' Kool G Rap used to shoot our Steyrs together at the range before he died tragically that one night. " :twisted: :lol:

    One thing about NYC, no shortage of places to visit ... now if only they'd let you do so armed. :roll:
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    My name is Rob,I'm from Wa State and age 34.I work nights in Grocery-been in the business for about 17 years.I also did some work as a bicycle mechanic to support my other hobby,MTB riding/racing and road cycling.
    Still single with a Dog,living the condo life :D
    I have the Steyr M-9,along with a bunch of revolvers,a couple BHP's and a CZ.
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    My god I'm one of the older ones!

    Dave - 37 - Suburban St Paul MN.

    Recentish convert to firearms and still learning the ropes a bit so bear with me. No longer an embarrassingly bad shot but let's just say Koenig and Leatham aren't too worried about me just yet. :D

    Glock 19, Steyr S9, SW1911PD and a KTP3AT are the keepers in my collection - considering an upgrade in the pocket gun genre to a Kahr PM9 perhaps already though. I actually shoot better with a 1911 but the guys on those forums are way too stuffy so I hang out here instead!

    Other hobbies include sport tourer motorcycling - an FZ-1 currently, fountain pen collecting (yes I know nobody thinks that's normal), and to be brutally honest in time devoted at least my main hobby is playing NTN bar trivia :roll:

    Married with half a kid (stepdaughter almost 15) and work as a Director of QA in a mnaufacturing company.
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    Mac - 21 (I'm prepared to hear grief about my age) - Jackson, Mississippi

    Recently turned 21 in January of this year. Applied for my CCW on Valentine's Day, have yet to receive it. :x

    I own a Glock 19, decked out for carry with Meps and packing 15+1 rounds of Ranger T +p+ 127gr's. I shoot it well, 3 inch groups at 10 yards is about where I am at right now in my brief firearms owning career.

    I own an S9, but it is still at the FFL where I had it shipped by CDNN because right now I'm in a college town attending classes and must wait atleast another weekend until I can pick it up.

    I'm currently involved with an awesome young lady whom I've been dating for roughly 2 years now. We think we might be marriage material, but only time will tell.

    I'm a pre-med biology student so any other hobbies I would have are shot to hell, but I need some time away from school just to stay sane.

    Love the forums and look forward to being one of the "founding" members.

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    Hi gang,

    Thought I'd chime in and let you know a little bit about myself. For what it's worth, I'm a 30 year old Digital Media and Design major at Arkansas State University. I've been married to my highschool sweetheart for 10 years and have two boy, a 6 and a 4 year old. I was born and raised in Southeast Missouri but came to rest in Jonesboro Arkansas. Amature photography, kids, shooting, church, helping my wife in the family business, and school consume my time.

    As far as Steyrs go, I bought a M40 about 3 years ago and been touting it as the end-all-be-all of plastic guns ever since. About 7 months ago I traded the M40 in on a S40 and then bought a S9. I have owned a Ruger P89 and a Sig P239, but traded/sold them for various reasons, but I'll always keep my Steyrs.

    Here is the only pic of me worth posting.

    Here is my wife and boys, don't have any pictures of all of us together because I'm always the one with the camera.

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    Well I guess I'll throw a little info out for ya'll. I'm also a young buck at 24. I've been in the US Coast Guard for 6 yrs. 1 year on a ship and the other five in aviation. Currently Im a helicopter flight mechanic with a primary job as a HH65 Dolphin mechanic military version of a Eurocopter 365 for any helicopter freaks out there. Second part of my job is Search and Rescue. Watch storm stories on the weather channel and you'll have a good idea of what we do on the aviation side of the CG. Anyway I'm originally from Harrisburg, PA but joined the Cg and now live in Atlantic City, NJ. I hate this place really. NJ doesnt recognize PA CCW laws so I cant carry in this state. Hell, you cant even shoot pistols in this state without having to pay large membership fees in a indoor range. NJ law says you cant fire high power rifle or hanguns outside. It has to be a controlled environment. It sucks. I load Winchester 180gr. .40 caliber in my S40 which Ive been having a lot of problems with. Misfire issues has me fed up with this gun. Im not giving up though. My misfire issues are all posted in the M and S series forum. Im really out of ideas for that. I have the best girlfriend ever, Amber. she lives in Baltimore beacuse of her teaching job so the long distance thing will have to work for now. Im trying to get stationed in Miami next year so she can go with me. Anyway hope to talk with you guys about some Styer issues sometime.
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    I've been participating on this board for a bit, but I somehow missed this thread.

    I'm Jeff in Raleigh, NC, originally from Daytona Beach, Florida where I spent the first 18 years of my life from 11 months old. 34 now and just starting to feel the calendar catching up with me with slowing reflexes, slow injury healing and all that. Love cars, sportbikes and shooting, used to have lots more hobbies but that's all there's time for now, barely. Been married for 9 years this summer to a gorgeous woman who I've known since I was 12, I guess that's the only way I could have weasled my way into a gig this good:


    (Hihoslva - this pic was in your backyard at the Desert Museum in Tucson last year)

    I used to shoot IPSC Limited class with my Springfield Armory Stainless .45 over a dozen years ago in Central Florida, but got out of shooting when I graduated from college and life happened. Bounced around during the Internet boom and finally settled in Raleigh, NC after the bust just shy of making my quick IPO money :cry:. Started a company in consumer electronics about 5 years ago, but that has got to be the most competitive market in the Universe. So this year we're diversifying into, of all things - Tactical Flashlights! That's actually how I got started back into shooting. You know, testing the weapon-mounted lights for recoil durability :wink:. Long story, but check out our new website, it was just launched and a bunch of new products will be added over the next 2 months: If any of you guys are interested, we've got a deep law enforcement discount, PM me for the code.

    Anyway, I just started shooting again about 2.5 months ago and the bug has bitten me hard. I kick myself time and again for ever quitting, and especially not keeping my guns (H&K P7/USP, Sig 229, M700 Police Sniper, G23 (blown up), STI custom IPSC gun) and especially my reloading equipment. I'm planning on getting an M9 and probably an M9A1 just because I like the new look and rail.

    I'm sold on the Steyr being, as Flashpoint says "the end-all-be-all" of combat tupperware and have set about proving that at my local IDPA matches, which I am also totally addicted to. I posted about my early IDPA experience compeiting with the S9, and I'll keep posting about what I hope will be the march of me and the S9 to master-class wins in IDPA, a pretty lofty goal considering our local competitors are pretty serious and nationally ranked. I better get to the range...

    This is a great forum with fantastic information, and some of the most interesting and civil folks I've ever met on the Internet.

    Hey Ripped, this pic is for you - VIR North Course (same that the AMA uses) on my 2000 Aprilia Mille R: