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    Met Steve (xjrat) yesterday when we both met up at Shooter's for a little quality time with our guns of choice! Great meeting you man! Got my Steyr patches and he had the coolest ballcap too! (You should post a pic of that too!) We should try to duplicate that in the SteyrClub store here. <wink, wink, nudge, nudge!>

    I finally got to shoot the S-40 I got last month (or so) and although I like the stippling that the previous owner put on there, it was a little too aggressive for my hand near the web. I'll have to knock that down a bit I think. Finally solved the trigger reset problem with the P-11 too.

    Got to shoot the M40-A1 of Steve's. Different! Grip is a little narrower than I expected, maybe with the Handall on a thinner grip would be better of both worlds. Still shot true though. Brought my Saiga AK and after figuring out that the "stock" AK 10-rounders weren't up to snuff like the regular Saiga mags, the shooting went fine. That's a fun freakin' gun to shoot! Even with 0 prep time, the center of our targets at the farthest range was obliterated! I have no doubt that the zombies will have their hands full if they decide to foolishly attack!

    Also got some plinking shots with the Walther P22. That's a cool little plinker and shot well too. I kept waiting for some kind of recoil, but it never came! Might have to look into one of those, especially if it comes in a little larger caliber.

    Next report will be for the Sig SP2022 I'm getting lightly used from my buddy, and my new KelTec PF-9 that my dad is giving me!! THAT should be a blast too!

    Ok, that's all for now. Have a great Navy day!

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    Speaking of zombies: Zombie Garden Gnome

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