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Trigger Pull Weight?

  • 4-5 lbs

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Measure and Post Your Trigger Pull, Plz

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Howdy Boys :)

I'm very curious about trigger pull variances for the M and S Series Steyrs. For those with a trigger pull guage or some other way of accurately measuring their trigger pull, please post your results here. And, please be as accurate as you can. I'm not interested in hearing, "...oh 4-8 bs....". I'm talkin', "4.2 lbs" or "3.8 lbs", that kind of accuracy. I'll post mine tomorrow, when I get a guage that works. :oops: And, if someone will offer a simple and exact method for determining trigger pull, short of actually having a trigger pull guage, plz step up to the plate and post that info, ASAP. Thanx.

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those are the two methods of doing it. some work better with one method than another.

I have practice more with the pad of my finger on the steyr and more accurate with it. but for my sigma I use my first joint its easier but tougher trigger to shoot accurately.

keep an eye on where your shots go.
you might notice the shots pulling left if you use the joint.

i like using the pad because the pull is straight back. it also gives me more "feel".

some people think you should train using the joint because in the heat of the moment you're most likely to end up there when actually shooting defensively.
Hey Ever'body :D

Am dyin' to know, "who pulled 4-5 lbs?" 8-O PM me ASAP. We gotta talk. 8) Hava great weekend.

'Seems heavier but mine (yet to be fired M9A1) is breaking at between 5.5 and 5.75 lbs. after a lot of dry firing and light lube to critical trigger components according to my Lyman digital trigger weight gauge. I did the test with the gun in a vice to ensure maximum consistency and accuracy and I repeat a dozen or so times. The break weight of my M9A1 is on par with an out of the box Glock. More than adequate for carry purposes.
Using a Lyman gauge and a gun vise my M357-A1 has average pull of 5 lb, 6.5 oz! Sometimes it'll break under 5 lbs! The lowest reading was 4lb, 10.5 oz! :shock:

My M9-A1 is another story, while it pulls & breaks nicely, it's average pull weight is 7lb, 2 oz. That's after I did a bit of trigger work, it had to weigh 8+ lbs new out of the box!
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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