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Trigger Pull Weight?

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Measure and Post Your Trigger Pull, Plz

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Howdy Boys :)

I'm very curious about trigger pull variances for the M and S Series Steyrs. For those with a trigger pull guage or some other way of accurately measuring their trigger pull, please post your results here. And, please be as accurate as you can. I'm not interested in hearing, "...oh 4-8 bs....". I'm talkin', "4.2 lbs" or "3.8 lbs", that kind of accuracy. I'll post mine tomorrow, when I get a guage that works. :oops: And, if someone will offer a simple and exact method for determining trigger pull, short of actually having a trigger pull guage, plz step up to the plate and post that info, ASAP. Thanx.

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mine was just over 8, measured with weights. Its at SAI now getting a reduction.
uncle_walty said:
RiceCakes said:
mine was just over 8, measured with weights. Its at SAI now getting a reduction.
Please post results when you get it back fom SAI and find out what they did if the trigger pull is reduced. When I asked about the heavy OTC trigger pull at the old service center, Dennis said that they would try replacing fcg parts to try to reduce the pull. Didn't seem to be worth the FedEx shipping and wait at the time. Thanks.
They said they replaced the whole trigger bar, and also the firing pin spring, b/c it felt a little tight. When I get it back, Im sure I will go back through the tune up, but Jeff said it was sitting at about 6.5.
Armored: when you tightened #45 with channel locks, did you face the bevel toward or away from the spring?
Update on mine from the shop. Its now at just over 6.
I just noticed that I can change "felt" pull also. I grab in the lower part, but I've been using the pad of my finger. I was tought that it is the right way to shoot it (by a 2 1/2lb custom 1911 shooter), but when I grab it at the bend in my finger, it feels half as heavy. Im going to try this next range trip. Might make it feel that much better.
1 - 5 of 25 Posts
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