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Trigger Pull Weight?

  • 4-5 lbs

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  • 5-6 lbs

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Measure and Post Your Trigger Pull, Plz

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Howdy Boys :)

I'm very curious about trigger pull variances for the M and S Series Steyrs. For those with a trigger pull guage or some other way of accurately measuring their trigger pull, please post your results here. And, please be as accurate as you can. I'm not interested in hearing, "...oh 4-8 bs....". I'm talkin', "4.2 lbs" or "3.8 lbs", that kind of accuracy. I'll post mine tomorrow, when I get a guage that works. :oops: And, if someone will offer a simple and exact method for determining trigger pull, short of actually having a trigger pull guage, plz step up to the plate and post that info, ASAP. Thanx.

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I checked the 5-6 lb category. But don't put too much stock in the accuracy since I measured it with a fish scale pulling on a string looped over the trigger! It varied a bit depending how high or low up the trigger the string was for a particular pull, but it looked like the avg pull was about 5 1/4 lbs, whatever that's worth. Surprisingly, it measured about 1 pound lighter than my Bulgy Makarov's single action pull. 8)
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