mannlicher schoenauer 30.06 hunting rifle

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    Being new to this forum I was wondering if this is the appropriate place for questions on the mannlicher schoenauer 30.06 hunting rifle. Last made in late 60's I believe. One of the great hunting rifles of all time. I need to aqire the front redfield scope mount. Any help would be apprieciated.TY
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    Not sure exactly - are you talking about the commerically manufactured Steyr-Mannlicher "L" or "M" series of hunting rifles? The ones made prior to the current "SBS" series?

    I've got a 1970's (?) era Steyr Mannlicher "M". It's a wonderful rifle, but I worry that the quirky plastic Mannlicher rotary magazine might break on me someday, leaving me with a very expensive single-shot rifle (replacements seem to be unavailable) :(

    I looked over my rifle's QD scope mounts and, aside from the word "AUSTRIA", they are unmarked. I'm guessing they're original Steyr mounts.

    Leupold markets 2-piece, QD scope mounts for "Steyr Mannlicher" (Midway part number 656-287) but these may NOT be compatable with older Steyr Mannlichers.

    Wish I could help more - sorry.

    This discussion board (Steyr Club) is very handgun-oriented. You might try asking over at "Steyrforums" as they emphasize the Steyr Mannlicher rifles instead: