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I was perusing the Web for deals on practice ammo, looking for that elusive blend of low price, accuracy, reliability, and clean-burning powder (hey, ya gotta aim high...except at the range, that is...).

I found what appears to be a good deal on cases of 124 gr 9mm FMJ ball ammo from Magtech. Some of the reviews seem pretty good on the above parameters. Has anyone shot this ammo?
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Oh, I wasn't witholding a scoop or anything :) Just go to and search under handgun ammunition.

So, what are your impressions of the Magtech ammo, 'Chef (and anyone else who'd like to chime in)? Much as I enjoy cleaning my M9, I'd just as soon minimize the crud quotient as much as practical for practice ammo.
FlaChef said:
honestly only shot about 4 boxes, wasn't paying attention to how they performed very much no failures though.

Rough guess is comparible to wwb, packaged a little nicer though, leaving a half empty box in the range bag doesn't break open like the wwb has on me.
Hey, Chef. Thanks; it's useful to hear that there were no failures. Anything stand out in memory about how the insides of your gun looked after you took it down for cleaning after those four boxes? If not, no worries, as this will suggest to me that at least it's not memorably dirty-burning :)
FlaChef said:
once was two boxes after I'd not cleaned the pistol in two range sessions.

The other 1.5 boxes was afetr i'd runn out of the 200 wwb I'd brought w/ me. The remainder of that other box was also thrown in w/ some blazer next trip out.

So no data to compare, too many variables both times, and i wasn't paying attention when cleaning.
Righto, Chef, the "experimental design" is contaminated. I've gone ahead and ordered four boxes (124-gr, FMJ ball) from Midway. When it arrives, I will give my M9 a very thorough cleaning, toss off a couple of boxes, and have a look-see, then report back to y'all.

Meantime, if anypone else has any Magtech stories, I'd be grateful for the chance for comparison of experiences.
So, here's how it is...

(Sorry. I could never resist a gratuitous "Firefly" reference)

I'd received my sample four boxes of Magtech 9mm 124-gr FMC, but didn't get the chance to take it to the range till today. First impressions were that it was very shiny, and seemingly well-machined. Good packaging and overall impression of good quality control.

So much for aesthetics. I shot 200 rounds today, and the accuracy was quite good, controlling for the fact that I was a bit out of practice, and had had my sights trued since the last time I'd shot (I think the previous owner was left-eyed, or had corrected for windage then forgot to re-zero the sights), so the learning curve re-steepened for a few mags (five rounds each, to counter fatigue). Groups then got nice and tight, though.

In the 200 rounds, I had just one FTE. So bad, I had to field-strip the weapon and pry the spent round out of the chamber. Subsequent inspection of the casing, though, showed what appeared to be a deformation (visibly oblong in cross-section), so it was likely just a flukey round, since all others ejected just fine.

After my session, I took the gun down (I had cleaned it even more obsessively than usual the last time out, to give myself a good baseline). Found the innards to be cleaner than they had been with the Federal American Eagle, but a little more dirty than with the "Zero"s (reloads by which the owner of my range swears). Well within aceptable parameters for practice ammo, and no unusual cleaning requirements. Just a little toothbrush/bore brush/Q-tip/Break Free action, as usual, and no excessive effort required anywhere. Also, I quite liked that I could find NO brass shavings anywhere, as I had with the Federal (is this a manufacturing issue?).

Overall, I was quite happy with the experience. That one bad round did get my attention, and I'll be alert for any repeats of this in the next two boxes I shoot (I'll post on this when it happens, though it doesn't look good for this week :-( ). Not bad for a savings (shipping included) of $.50 per box over range ammo (more if I order by the case).
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