Magtech First Defense Carry Ammo

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, Sep 19, 2006.

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    Just wondering if anyone has used this and what they think about it. The big deal is the solid copper bullet versus jacketed lead. I just came across it in the store and was wondering if it is anything that would pry me away from Federal Hydrashok or Speer Gold Dot as carry ammo.
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    Sounds like if its solid copper it wouldn't expand as well. Might be better for shooting through glass/kevlar, but how often are you going to do that? I might be completely wrong here, too, but I do believe lead is softer than copper...

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    I was thinking the same thing - possible over-penetration issues. I think you're right about copper vs. lead in hardness. I am thinking a bonded JHP like speer gold dot or some of the newer Hydra-shok with the tactical designator that are one piece copper jackets that completely encapsulate the lead would be better. I am certainly no expert on ammo configurations though. Does anyone have personal experience with the MagTech?
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    generally any of the big "3" defensive hollowpoints is going to be fine for use

    Speer Gold dots
    Remington Golden Saber
    Winchester Ranger SXT

    I think the hydrashock is a dated design
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    I know the bonded stuff is really brutal. Thats what I'm hunting with this year. Called Federal Fusions. Theres only like a molecular level of copper from what Ive read, so the lead mushrooms out like crazy. Of course, thats a rifle round, but I would imagine it would work well in pistol calibers also.

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    to me, hydra-shoks are old news and have been surpassed. plus, my two steyrs throw them all over a target, none of which hit the center.

    gold-dots have developed a very loyal following and the truth is they function nicely.

    but those ranger sxt's. holy poop. i don't want that thing flying at me!!! that's for sure.

    all copper? let's defer to the marketing team. what did the snakeoil pitchmen claim was the deal? lead is much softer. and denser. you could make a case that the copper would fly truer because a company could conceivably have better control over the material as it was formed into the bullet. but, most ammo shoots better than most shooters, so which hairs are we splitting? maybe it's an environmental concern. exposed lead in any form being hazardous.

    but i've not heard their explanation so maybe i should shut my yapper and open up the magtech homepage.

    but when i'm done doing that, i'm still throwing sxt's at the BG!!
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    the reason is 100% retention of weight. the copper expands just fine (it's designed to) Another characteristic is if you're in the lighter/faster crowd, a 9mm SCHP weighs in around 95gr.
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    I'm concerned for the bad guys health after lead exposure so I vouch for total copper bullets from now on. They should make it a law.

    Sometimes when I am at the range I can't stop twirling the bullet in my mouth and chewing on the lead. MMM tastes so sweet. I wish I had some lead to chew on at work...