Magazine Spring Life

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  1. Ru_Fae

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    Hey guys,
    Just wondering if anyone knows about how long the magazine spring is expected to last before it needs to be replaced. I'm not having any problems yet it's just information I'd like to have for future reference. Also if anyone can give me some tips on how to extend the magazine spring life I'd appreciate it. Thanks guys.

  2. Deluxe247

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    Not sure about actual spring life. I would say it's at leat 5 years with normal use. More or less with heavy/light use. Could be wrong but...

    As far as extending the life, the best practice would be to store them empty, but I think that rotating out your mags is always a good idea. Keep some of them loaded in your weapon (if you CCW or LEO) and spares then swap them out for others that have been sitting empty after a couple of weeks.

    A good cleaning now and then also helps. :)


  3. Alabama

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    Rotate mags once a month is the advice I've heard. It can't hurt, but as the other cash-strapped folks know, it's not always possible to have two mags resting and two for carry. I'm working on a three-mag rotation, and, dammit, I've run late...
  4. madecov

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    Springs wear out from being used
    The compression and de compression is what causes fatique.
    Keeping springs under either no pressure or constant pressure really does not wear them out.

    They will "set" if kept loaded but will not lose strength. Double stack magazines will wear out faster than single stack magazines.
  5. Guest

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    What do you mean byspring "Set"? They will not loose strength, but will set at a different distance from the mag top?
  6. IDPASteyr

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    I store all my mags loaded and they have been in continuous use for almost 4 years with no problems at all. This does not really appear to be a problem with the Steyr.
  7. madecov

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    Sping "set" is when after a few initial uses, a magazine appears to be shorter than it was when new.

    Wolff springs has a very nice FAQ on their web site