Mag sometimes won't drop free

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    I just got a M40-A1. Full mags seem to drop free just fine. Doing some mag change drills today with empty mags and they will stop free a couple of times and then seem to hang up every time after that. I push the release and they'd drop an inch but wont fall out.
    Any fix besides just breaking them in?
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    1st make sure the mag well is Clean, I have seen so with ruff spots of dust dirt built up.
    2nd on the mags Clean them with alcohol , when There New they wrapped them in plastic or tape and will still have residue on them.
    A helpful tip . Is to Use a metal Polish and give them a little bit of a buff you can even use some wax to.
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    I shoot matches with M series rather often. My hands are medium-sized, and I have to shift the gun in my hand to get thumb on release button. I sometimes get a mag fail to drop free in reloads. Although I thought for a while that squeezing the grip hard was binding the mag, I found that focusing on a good, clean button press and NOT a fast button press was the issue. Some Production guys routinely use a wrist snap on speed loads to sling the mag out, which I never settled on.

    My issue was not holding the mag button long enough for the mag to clear. Don’t believe it? Try this:

    Get pistol and some empty mags, lock the slide back, and insert the empty mag until you feel resistance. That is the side of the magazine body rubbing the mag catch. It is enough pressure to hold the empty mag in the gun. Press the mag release and observe; the mag falls out. Check to see how far that resistance lasts from onset of resistance until the mag ‘clicks’ into place. Long way, isn’t it? Press the release in at any point, and the mag drops free.

    So...if you are doing the gun-racer thang, and your pinky finger or the edge of your palm touches the bottom of the mag as you hit the release, or you are rotating/moving the gun into the direction the mag needs to fall, it can slow the mag down. And if you come off the release button before the mag has cleared that resistance zone... you get a ’stuck’ magazine.

    Try clean, firm, sustained button presses and see if that clears up the problem for you. It did for me. Good luck.
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    Awesome. Thank you Thaiboxer. Good info. I'll give that a try. I'll not need super speed competition mag changes, just normal release will do. So I'm hoping this will work. Thanks for your time and thoughtful response.