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Made a Steyr purchase today!

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Purchased my first Steyr today...a n.i.b. S9. $300 at Gander mountain. What a great deal for such a nice gun.
Great Website & thanks for letting me join!
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Welcome aboard.
Enjoy it. The Steyr is a great weapon.
Oh we let anybody join here, we're easy.

but not cheap, we ask for a range report when you take your new pistol for a spin.

welcome to the club.
Great deal. I inherited my girlfriend's M40 due to her skinny "fat pad" between her thumb and trigger finger. She couldn't get the hand high enough on the backstrap and kept stove piping rounds every mag. So she gave it to me and I epoxied in the groove and made the backstrap even with the rest of the backstrap. It looks great and works better for me. I didn't stovepipe any rounds before or since the change. Anyway she was bummed, she loved her Steyr and we both feel the quality it much higher then a Glock. So now I would love to purchase the M9. Where did you get such a good price???

You have to dowload the catalog as a PDF
Once open you can see all the goodies that are available.

CDNN is wholesale closeout distributo...ned up with them or you can't place an order.

I got my M9 from CDNN last month - absolutely no problems, arrived as ordered with 2 10-rd and 2 14-rd mags AND the free safety glasses. I called again last week to see if they had any S9s left in a back room somewhere but no luck, and they were down to about 34 of the M9s.

No worries, though - found a NIB S9 on Gunbroker with a lifetime Davidson's warranty; it will end up being about $3 more than my M9 when I get it. :) Only one mag, though. :( Oh, well - got those extra ones with my M9.

Won't the 14-rd M9 mag work in the S9 - and just stick out that extra inch or so like the 10-rd M9 mag does? 8) I guess if I was desperate I could take the end cap off one of the 14-round mags and stick it on one of the 10-rd mags and - voila! - a 10-rd S9 mag. But then I'd be left with parts to make a 14-rd M9 mag with an extended end cap that would stick out of butt of the M9.

Eh, maybe I'll wait.
What is cdnn???? Can the local gun shop order from them? and is that worth it, or will the price jump up too high.?
I posted a link and instructions in my post above.

CDNN is a wholesale distributor that specializes in closeout merchandise.
What is cdnn???? Can the local gun shop order from them? and is that worth it, or will the price jump up too high.?
You pay CDNN for your firearm, they ship it to your local firearms dealer who then transfers it to you after a background check (for a fee). My dealer does transfers for $15 - $25 dollars ($15 from CDNN - I guess because he does it a lot and it's easy).

The Gunbroker website has a neat feature for buyers that lets you look up transfer dealers by zip code - I found a fellow 3 minutes from me who has a business out of his house. If your gun shop doesn't want to do a transfer, you could get the name of a dealer off the Gunbroker site and have it sent there. CDNN may be able to do a zip code search from their files to see who in your area they already have on file - this could save a little time because they wouldn't have to wait to get a copy of your dealer's FFL if you use someone they already have on file.

You can get the CDNN phone number from the CDNN website, but you have to download the PDF catalog to see their firearms.
Thanks Waffleking and madecov for the info.............I found an m9 for 300.00.........25.00 for the local and 15.00 shipping.....sounds pretty good for a steyr........
CDNN is $9.00 shipping. Ask for Neal.
$9.00 Shipping what the ad says, but they charged me $12.98. Maybe I shoulda asked for Neal.[/b]
Was there a COD fee?
Great, I'm calling tomorrow, they are the same price........I'll ask for Neal....................
Had to hunt down my receipt. $9.99 shipping USPS, plus $2.99 for "adult signature required" - which is exactly what it says in the lower left hand corner of page 1 of the catalog, now that I take time to read the smaller print. :oops:
LOL :lol:
Still a smokin deal. Some distributors charge almost $25.00 for shipping

Also remember CDNN charges the same thing no matter the order size. Stock up on other "stuff" you might not really need :wink: it rides along free :D
You guys notice a difference between the 9 and 40 shooting?? recoil etc.......... and say a glock?? if that makes sense.......
Sorry, no help here. I've never shot a .40, just some 9mms and a couple S&W 38 Specials.

I hate to say it, but the two Glocks I've shot I liked. Easy to shoot and accurate (for me :wink: ). Didn't like the Kahr P9 Covert I shot - a lot of flip and I was all over the target with it; of course, that's me, not the gun. The Sig P225 I shot was OK, but had a firing pin failure after one mag (range gun). If the Glocks weren't so dadburned ugly they would have been on my short list - but the price of the Steyrs and all the great reviews (even Kim du Toit!) made my decision easy.

I think the Steyr M9 is a great gun to start a collection with - quality, reliability, ease of shooting and maintenance, and price. 8) It's a good one to compare other handguns to as I branch out to other calibers and makes. :D
As of 9/19/2005 @ 11:00 A.M. 249 M9's left per Brian at CDNN.

shoot a 9 and a 40 of the same make (say a G19 and G23 or a p229 in both) back to back to see how much the recoil difference is to you. Some people are more sensitive to it than others. We can't answer that for you, it's a feel thing.

Steyrs will have less muzzle flip and felt recoil than glocks, or really any other polymer pistol due to the design features and ergonomics. Even the die hard "glock is the end all to be all" types will admit this (and then usually switch topics to the parts/accessories availibility issue).
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