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MA1 Holsters?

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What are you guys using for OWB holsters for the new A1s? What other gun is similar in size and shape? Went to the local warehouse and was unable to find a suitable holster. Please help!
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As far as I know, FIST is the only one currently doing them.
Check . He has a M40A1 and makes holsters for them, though you might have to wait a bit for an OWB. I just got my IWB for my M40 from him, and it's really nice, and it's not my first holster from him...or my last.
I emailed BladeTech:
In the list of guns which your holsters are fit for, you have a Steyr M9, M40, M9-A1... but you don't list the M40-A1 -- which is what I have.
Question: do you make holsters for a Steyr M40-A1?
They replied:
We can make a holster for the Steyr M40 I am certain that this is the same fire-arm you are talking about. Please contact customer service at 877-331-5793 to place an order.
...I don't think they really get it. Since it's toll-free, I think I'll give 'em a call and find out for sure if they know the difference between the older style and the A1.
If in fact Bladetech can make for the M9A1 then they can make for the M40A1 as they are the same frame.

Just order the M9A1
Couple years ago I purchased a paddle holster from Blade
-Tech for my M40. The holster is a perfect fit, and I can adjust
the tension. So if they make a similar holster for the M1, you
should be happy with the holster and its fit.
just not the wait time IME
FlaChef said:
just not the wait time IME

Comp-tac can make a holster in under 16 work hours and ship.
Blade-tech makes for many many more handguns but the wait time is stupid.

I just got my Galco FLETCH in black for my M40 . Not bad at all for a commercial mass produced holster. fit is perfect. Won't require much in the way of break in.
concealco holster

I just got my AKJ Concealco IWB Holster. I tell you it fits the M40A1 perfectly and it's comfortable to wear. Definitely a quality job. It took a while to get though but, it was well worth it.
Blue line leather has ordered a dummy gun from Steyr for the A1

High noon is interested in getting a dummy gun and I sent contact info for Steyr to them
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