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MA1 Holster illustrated thread...

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I'm going to post a few pictures of my M40A1 in various holsters I've found.

First up, newest on the block is the Blade Tech UCH, a tuckable IWB kydex holster. I was hoping JB at Comp Tac would have started work on a freakin' MA1 mold by now, but I ordered from Blade Tech and was shocked with a 3 week turnaround! That's right, 22 days! Not bad, for an advertised lead time of six weeks! :shock:

This one is going to take some getting used to. It's got a bodyshield, which I have heretofore had no experience with, so we'll see if I keep it or cut it. Retention is adjustable via Chicago (boo) screws, and the cant is adjustable with the same, from straight drop to FBI. The tuckable part is a straight up bitchandahalf to master, as tucking your shirt into open pants that are sagging from a two pound pistol is an exercise in patience. But thankfully, the SA1 disappears yet again under the shirt! I like this holster so far, it's my first piece of plastic that isn't a pistol or a maxed out credit card. :lol:

Secondly, the AKJ Concealco Readyline IWB. I am THRILLED with this holster. AJ makes a bangup holster! I love it, tough leather, throat wide open for reholstering, and the cant is PERFECT. I can bend over from the waist and you can't see a freakin' thing! Lead time ~2-3 weeks.

And on duty:

Next up, the FIST #43 IWB/OWB:

This is a pancake/IWB with a clip. This has been my favorite, and by far most versatile and most used MA1 holster. I highly recommend FIST. Lead time ~4 weeks.

Next up, the Blue Line Leather paddle. This is the Corporal Punishment open top, in black.

I like how this paddle pulls in close, I'm fairly thin, so this helps with concealment. Lead time for Blue Line: ~5 weeks.

Next up, Galco Fletch w/ thumb break. Madecov says it isn't supposed to fit MA1s, but this one fits mine perfectly.

Very flexible, tight fit, smooth draw.. Galco makes quality product. Thumb break takes a bit to get used to, though. I bought this on a whim at a gunshow, and if I ever open carry, it will be with this.

Next up, the belly band. This one is generic 6" but Smartcarry, ThunderWear, and others have the same basic premise, ie, tuckable holster without a belt.

Basically it's a six inch elastic band with a sewn in holster and flash/mag pouch. It's kind of hot, but you quickly get used to it, especially if you're tucking in a shirt. even large frame automatics disappear with these.

Proper way to wrap.. over the boxers, keeps your boxers getting most of the perspiration.

Here, pants/shorts add support to the weapon.

Tucked in. Very few eyes are trained enough to pick the weapon out at this angle...

... and this is what most people see. Nothing...

... until you need it.

This concludes Thunder's MA1 tutorial, "A holster for every occasion."

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MrApathy said:
which galco did you get ? I have only seen original M series models.
suprised MA1 would fit

blueline paddle looks nice

nice collection of holsters.

wish I could find a store full of every holster and take a M and MA1 in and see what all are compatible.
Holster says FLETCH - M Series. FL417 is on the back of the holster. Madecov said the same thing, and he tried his MA1 in the FLETCH he had for the M, and it was too tight. I have tighter holsters than that, so I dunno.

Did you come across an MA1 yet? I know you were still looking, a while back. Having handled an M after I bought my A1, the A1 fits my hand so much better.

Oh yeah, I semi-detail stripped the gun, and cleaned and blew out the firing pin channel, extractor area, and no FTEs in 100+ rounds. Thanks for the advice.
Dunno, Wulf, it was a gunshow special. Will work for both MA1 and SA1s though, it's reversible for smaller barrels.
Haha, you noticed.

That makes the Galco FLETCH I have possibly the rarest holster ever. The elusive left handed M40A1 Steyr holster :lol:

kcevans was selling the same one in the Firearm Accessories subforum, but I don't know if anyone bought it.
Re: Fist #43 OWB

odie072 said:
Thunderbear, if it wouldn't be to much trouble, could you post a pic of the Fist #43 in OWB carry?? I'm thinking about getting one for my M9A1 and would like to see how high and close to the body it rides.

odie072 :D
I will take a few of those pictures. I haven't because I ordered the wrong size loops in the holster. My gunbelts are 1.5", I orderd 1.25". Oops.

Notes on OWB carry: Pistol is higher, canted more readily for draw, and the frontstrap finger hump makes for an incredibly smooth draw. If I can dig out one of my non reinforced 1.25" belts, I'll take a picture.
Up top with new pics!
Was wearin my Kevlar cup, I ain't skurred. :lol:
Re: Galco FLETCH

posterboy7 said:
I realize this thread is a bit old, but what the hey...

About five days ago I ordered a FLETCH holster for my M40-A1, both hoping it would fit but concerned that it wouldn't because of the original poster's comments.

I got the holster today, and with only a very little bit of twisting and bending the holster to start to break it in, it is *extremely* tight. The gun was very hard to pull out of it and the slide is pushed out of battery if I don't keep my thumb on the back. And this is not even wearing it yet.

I got a FLETCH holster for my Stoeger Cougar (since sold to buy the Steyr) and I don't remember it being this tight in the beginning.

My question is, how much do I have to break it in to get it to holster and draw with proper ease -- I didn't get that far with my Cougar before I sold it -- and at what point do I decide that I have the wrong holster for the gun?

I emailed Galco customer service and asked if the holster is expected to fit the M-A1. I will definitely follow up if/when I get a response.

If this holster doesn't work out I think I will order a FIST. Unfortunately, I need a working holster by the end of the month for a class and definitely by the middle of May for LFI-I.
Sounds like you got Madecov's issue with your FLETCH. I would suggest putting the gun in a couple of layers of plastic wrap, or better, a couple of plastic bags. Force the gun in the holster, and leave it in over the space of a few days. After that, continue to unholster and reholster with the bags on. Remove the bags, and it should be good to go.

If you're in DIRE need of a holster, I'll mail you my FLETCH to use in the training class. I want it back though. :lol:
West01 said:
Hey Thunderbear.

About the AKJ Concealco holster. If you had to do it again, would you order the body option? ... ode=051IWB

Great pics by the way.



Thanks, West.

Would I order it with the sweatshield? Myself, probably not. I usually have a cover garment on, and even if I don't, I'm not really worried about sweat with a tenifer coating. I'm also fairly slender, so there isn't much uncomfortable body contact with the slide. The gun rides in line with the muscle behind it, so there isn't any uncomfortable pressure points, enhanced by the fact that Steyr's are naturally smooth by design. It's way more comfortable against your skin than say, a 1911 or High Power.

Your mileage may vary, but if you have a similar body type to mine, I'd skip it.

odie072 said:
Thunderbear, if it wouldn't be to much trouble, could you post a pic of the Fist #43 in OWB carry?? I'm thinking about getting one for my M9A1 and would like to see how high and close to the body it rides.

odie072 :D
Sorry it took so long. :eek:

I can't stress enough the importance of getting the right size belt loops/holes. This is the only belt I have that fits easily, and it sucks. :lol:


M40A1 OWB FIST #43

The cant is better in OWB mode, but the bigger size of the M40A1 makes it a little harder to conceal. With the SA1, though, it's not a problem ( and the S9 is WAY lighter than the M40! )

posterboy7 said:
Thanks for the advice and your very generous offer to lend me your holster. I will definitely take your advise and see how that goes. If the time comes and I am really desperate I might take you up on your offer!

I am eager to try out a FIST hybrid holster. Maybe not this month though, I have spent a lot of $$$ on the gun, ammo, class fees, accessories, etc.
If that doesn't work, I'll be surprised. But if it doesn't .. let me know.

I would recommend the hybrid FIST. The leather non reinforced throat is the only thing I dislike about mine. When it collapses, onehand reholsters are impossible. My next FIST will be a hybrid. Live and learn.
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".. back up in your a$$ with the resurrection.. " /samir.

Up top with new pics and info.

Added a Blade Tech UCH to the collection.

FWIW, the AKJ Concealco is still my favorite! Props to AJ!
matt13 said:

Thanks for the information. It's been very helpful. I'm a little confused about how the UHC attaches to the belt. Does it have a loop or a clip? The blade-tech website says it's an S hook but I have no idea what that would look like. I guess my real question is do I have to partially remove my belt to get the holster off?
Partially, if not entirely. The UCH 'clip' is more like a belt loop. This is what they mean by 'S' hook:

It is so close to a belt loop, as to actually be a belt loop. Unless your carry belt is less than 1/8th of an inch, it is impossible to slide out of the 'S' hook. Any good carry belt will be MUCH larger than 1/8th, and thus, be impossible to slide out of the 'S' hook.

Firstly, send an email to Comp Tac, asking politely for JB to get off the fence and make a CTAC/Infidel/etc holster for the MA1, then order the Blade Tech.
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matt13 said:
:( No luck on the email to Comp-Tac. The reply I got says no mold for the Steyr and no immediate plans to make one.
Point is to get more people to email JB to get the ball rolling. Enough people bother them, they'll make it.
fireblast713 said:
Thunderbear is this the hybrid FIST holster you're recommending? If it's not could I possibly get a link as I can't find a list of "hybrid" holsters under the FIST page

Thanks again for this guide as a new M40-A1 owner I found it very helpful as I started looking for a holster.
That holster, as a hybrid, would make an excellent first holster combo for someone just starting out. Simply because the IWB/OWB option is nice to have, as it's like having two holsters in one. Having been carrying for some time now, I'd probably get the #19 hybrid.

As posterboy says, their site sucks, but their service and holster quality is awesome. When you check out, there will be an option to input special instructions, that's where you would tell them you want that holster in hybrid form.

Glad it helped.
Syntax360 said:
The only con I have found with Blade-Tech is the lead time. 5-7 weeks is kinda crazy for a piece of plastic, but the quality is superb and the M-A1 disappears IWB.
Ditto. But I got lucky, my holster only took three weeks.

Only con I've found is that sweatshield dug into my side. I've since cut it off, so it's now perfectly comfortable.

Syntax, does BT have extra s clips? I'd like to have a spare.
I didn't know they had a size, but 1.5" if that's what you're referring to. :eek:
No worries, I'll pick one up someday. If I don't modify something else to work better. :eek:
matt13 said:
Thunderbear said:
Only con I've found is that sweatshield dug into my side. I've since cut it off, so it's now perfectly comfortable.
Would you mind giving me a general idea of your build? I'm about to buy one of these and would like to know ahead of time if I might need to modify it. I'm 5'8" and not quite 200lbs. My spare tire isn't respectable yet but I'm working on it. :D

Has anyone else had problems?
It's hard to say whether you're going to want to mod it.. ask Syntax, too, since he hasn't wanted to mod his, and reports that it's comfortable for him as is.

I'm 5'11" 150ish.
Poster.. took me about 4-5 weeks. No break in per se, just a lot of drawing to smooth the inside a bit.

Mad, your holsters always show me up. :oops: That K&D is tits.
posterboy7 said:
TB: so shipping time on a Readyline isn't really much faster than shipping on any of the regular AKJ line...?

Sorry, I had Blade Tech or FIST on the brain, the Readyline took about a week and half.. two weeks.
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