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M9A2 weapon mounted light

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Anyone try mounting a surefire x300u-A, or streamlight trl-1? Both fit sloppy and leaves a reach with the gap in the trigger guard. I am using the pic mount on the 300.
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I used an olight PL mini now discontinued on my A1 and now a tlr 7A. Both had paddles accessible kind of paralleling the front of the trigger guard. Easy to use not a far reach. There are a few images of this on the A2 and the placement differences between that and the A1 seem identical and more accessible than the SF
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I’ve been using a TLR1 / 7 both are similar where the reach is slightly off as well.
There are 4 pins in the back of that X300 that you can remove, and a spacer will fall out. It will allow you to move the X300 a little closer, like 1 slot, to the pistol.
Here is what it looks like with the spacer off:

With the "P" latch in the X300 it still doesn't latch, but I would just file it until it does. I didn't want to search for the U latch. Regardless, with it pushed against the trigger guard it should be much more solid.

I filed the latch on another pistol for the same reason and it worked great. Surefire will send you a replacement if you ask.

You can also buy extended controls for the X300.

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Nice thread . I can tell this is a cool forum
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