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    I just got my first Steyr Tuesday an M9A1. I have shot 450 rounds through the pistol so far with out any malfuntion. I'm curious about the endurance and reliablity of the pistol. I have read on the internet and last months issue of Front Sight magazine said that the M9's sometimes have reliabilty issues. The reason I'm asking is I really like the way the pistol feels and shoots and I'm considering trading my HK USP 9mm compact on another M9A1 with factory night sights and 5 mags. I have always hated the double action trigger pull on the HK and really don't want to move to the dark side and get a Glock. Thanks in advance for all of the information.
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    I think its in Tutorials and Information...... the article is "90,000 rounds" i think......that should say it all !!!!!!