M9A1 Testing

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    Before i commit myself to any firearm, It has to function and be reliable. I do not adhere to the you tube experts and always formulate my on opinion after some heavy testing. I know that we all have our opinions and in the gun world we seem to be brand specific and not quick to admit our chosen weapons faults or failures. I sit in a room filled with Glocks, Sigs, Walthers, HK and a few others. So... Wanting something different i purchased a Gen 4 M9A1. I began testing it in the cold, wet, mud, water and left it uncleaned for some time. With a documented round count of 4300 rounds of many different types of ammo. I can say this handgun ranks in the top 3 for me. I would stake my life on this weapon. Anyone looking for a handgun with an amazing trigger, low recoil, low bore axis and great ergos that functions as well as any other handgun should give it a try.
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    Nice review. I only have good things to say about Steyr firearms.