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M9A1 Range Report

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I finally got out to a range the other day with a buddy. I put about 150 rounds thru it at 50ft. I had 1 FTE with CCI Blazer aluminum out of 50 rounds. No problems with either box of Magtech or WWB so hopefully it will be the last for a while. This is my first handgun and I got it because it just felt great in my hands vs. glock/HK's. My only concern is all my groups at 50' were centered about 3" high and 3" left which I thought was me until I shot my buddy's glock .45 and it was right on the money. My groups were good about 6" in diameter, just high and left. I can make the adjustment up and down but should I mess with adjusting the sights for windage or wait a while to see if it irons itself out and if so how many rounds? Also, my buddy had his glock trigger set at 3.5lbs so maybe this minimized any of my technique errors. Any thoughts?

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Shoot closer in, about 3 yds, then 7.
Get used to the sights. Steyr sights are a bit different but once you get the hang of them they are great.
Also try a sandbag and shooting from a rest. I have yet to see a Steyr pistol with the sights in bad regulation out of the box.
Also, try shooting a "Shooters Chart" while you're out there - one that tells you what you are doing wrong. I find that it helps me by diagnosing each stray round. You can find .jpg's all over the interenet. If not, PM me and I'll e-mail you one. I typically shoot low and to the right - too much or too little trigger usually. Prolly need to do some dryfire excercises.
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