M9A1 Front Trap Sight Elevation Adjustment??

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    I recently (finally) got factory trap sights put on my M9A1 at a local gunsmith. The pistol originally came with 3 dot sights. When I tried it out on the range, the zero was dramatically off at 25 yards. It was shooting around 7-8 inches left and low. I took it back to the gunsmith and he said he can test it and move the rear sight to fix the windage (it is visibly off centered), but there was nothing he could do about the elevation. Personally I don't buy it. I had no problem with the 3 dot sights using a center hold- covering the target with the red painted dot. I've read that the front trap sight is designed for a 6 o'clock hold- place the tip of the sight on your target. That had me shooting low. When looking at the pistol itself, I can see that the front sight doesn't sit flush with the slide. The sight sits slightly above the slide. When you look at the pistol from the side, you can see a gap between the bottom of the sight and the slide. I honestly can't remember if this was how my 3-dot sat as well. Is this how it's supposed to be? I'm almost certain the front sight needs to be moved lower. Is this possible? Does the front sight sit flush on your M-A1? Thanks guys. I really don't want to have to go back and forth with this gunsmith. I would post pictures but the pistol is currently at the gunsmith.
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    Damn that sucks.

    The front sight sits levels on mine. In all honesty drifting sights isn't all that hard. Id just pick up a brass hammer a nylon punch and a bench block and try doing it yourself and see if it makes any difference.

    If all else fails you can pick up another set of trap sights from steyr and see if your original was damaged during the removal
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    Don't have the M9A1 in front of me but all the photos I looked at it appears that the base of the sight sits flush to the slide.
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