M9A1 and M40 issues......

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    Anyrate, I didn't know Steyr had issues with magazines. I just bought a M 9 A1 . It is pretty much new considering the serial numbers coinciede with a nov 2005 model. The mags I recieved have the same spring issue ya'll are stating . I was having problems with the slide catch lever upon last round fired. Not holding the slide open.

    Here is what I did and I have other mags that functioned fine. My Only quess is they are the newer spring type.

    A guy with an m40 had this issue where upon last shot fired the slide wouldn't lock in place open.

    I had the same issue. With a M9 A1. What I did to remedy the problem.. Slightly bend the slide catch lever up at it's rear contact point. Where it makes contact to lock in place.

    And I do mean slightly, Close tolerances here. A set of needle nose pliers is all ya need. Or a new set of mags like others have said. So far I still have the old mags and they function well. After 1500 rounds.

    Also I should mention looking down the poleymar frame at eye level from the rear the catch lever is in line after the bend procedure. Meaning the rear of the slide catch is level with the plastic part of the gun. Looking down the frame and rail slide. You can only see this with the slide / barrel off. No mag installed basically your tweaking the rear part of the slide lever to be in line with the pastic part of the frame.

    And before someone flames me this is tested and true it does fix this issue.

    This fix enables you to use your old magazines, with out interfering using the new spring magazines. As well...

    Hope this helps
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    I personally never had any issues with any of my 8 Steyrs staying open on the last round, but it's certainly an interesting fix.

    One thing I do recommend is that after purchase mags are dissassembled and cleaned on the inside - packing grease-type material will interfere with proper functioning of the mag if it gets inside.

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    Nice fix. I'm so fumble-fisted sometimes I mess up changing a light bulb. :doh:

    You do know that Steyr Arms Inc. in Georgia is exchanging mags with the short 10-rd. "California" springs for the correct mags at no cost? :mrgreen:
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    Yeah but i'm to lazy :D Thanks, didn't know they were replacing springs for free. Infact didn't know about the mag issues glad I joined.. Either or I now have a reliable M9 a1.

    I'm pleased with it now and I bought a Tlr 2 for it. And no my glock 19 wont be so lucky to have this privlage. Lol