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    I just bought a Steyr M9..NOT an M9-A1. What's the difference and has anyoe had issues with the M9? :?:
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    This has been covered extensively on the board - a simple search will yield MANY results...

    The only really noteworthy differences are the picatinny rail on the A1 - the older M uses a proprietary setup that you will most likely not be able fo find an adapter for (if that concerns you). The grip is slightly redesigned to be more ergonomic on the A1 series. The M's came with a manual safety - the M-A1's do not (at least not here in the States). The trigger (depending on how old your M is) was upgraded a few years ago - if yours has the older version, Steyr Arms Inc. will upgrade it for free. Steyr has recently tweaked the extractor/plunger - this may or may not concern you.

    The M's are very popular and you will find the average experience has been a rock-solid enjoyable one. Just like any other flavor of pistol, there are exceptions/lemons, but it's definitely not something worth worrying about unless you run into troubles. Clean it good and shoot the bejesus out of it!

    Be sure to post a range report! 8)


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    My M9 has been flawless for going on 2 years. The thing I like about the M9 is the very well-designed safety that the A1 does not have.
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    A big +1 on the safety. Plus if you carry it like that it could save your life. Every person Ive handed it to scratches their head when I tell them to dry fire it!!