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first: have you removed the trigger group from the frame and thoroughy cleaned it out followed by a light lube concentrating on the sear mechanism and being sure to get all the brass flakes out of there?

having only 100 rounds through the gun, i'd give it til 500-600 before i got worried. steyr's are built tight and you've got metal on metal contact going on, a lot of it painted. the paint actually causes some friction, but wears off as you shoot the gun. keep it clean and lubed. dry firing will smooth things out more rapidly as well. make sure you rack the slide hard, just as the slide would move during fire.

after that, (dryfiring) try pulling the trigger, hold it to the rear as you SLOWLY cycle the slide. now release the trigger. does it reset? if not, try to pull the trigger forward. once you pull it forward, do you hear the same satisfying click of a firing pin release? or does it just mush back with no action.

if it doesn't, either spring #20 is weak (unlikely) or there is some friction holding the trigger bar from moving forward. this could be caused by a burr, or the trigger bar bend not being exactly 90 degrees, causing it ro rub one edge on the bottom of the sear.

your sear could also be stuck in the face of the post. this makes it difficult for the trigger bar to go forward, but even if it did, the sear would not be on the post. this is likely when the trigger mushes to the rear after being pulled forward.

as a side note, i assume you were not using live ammo, but dropping the slide with the trigger pulled is definitely a recipe for a slam-fire.
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