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M9 Trigger Reset

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Took my new M9 to the range for the first time yesterday. I was impressed with the gun except for one thing. A few times while I was shooting I noticed that if you press the trigger and hold it back as the gun fires---then release the trigger to feel the reset like on my Glock---sometimes the trigger will not reset.

What causes this ??? I only shot a few mags through it and found the trigger would reset if I released the trigger right after it fires. Hope my despcription does not sound too confusing. Any help would be greatly appreciated !

One more thing---if the slide is locked back and you have your finer on the trigger---then release the slide it does not want to reset. Should I have major concerns right about now, or I am just too used to shooting my Glocks ???
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Not quite sure what your describing?

wether or not you release it immediately or wait shouldn't matter, it's not like your releasing it faster than the slide cycles. Probably in trying to release it slowly you may not be coming off of it far enough, untill you get used to it it is not as definite as a glock.

also as a common saftey rule your finger should be outside of the trigger guard when releasing the slide from locked. I do not know if it is common to not reset or not as I have never done this.
Sorry for the confusing description of my problem. I'll try again.

I sometimes with my Glock in slow-fire press the trigger-gun fires and cycles-I still have the trigger pressed to the rear-I then release the trigger just enough to feel and hear the reset-and then fire again.

With my M9 if I do this-more times than not the trigger stays to the rear and will not reset. I can then take my finger completely off the trigger and have to pull the slide partially to the rear to make it reset.

Does that describe it a little better ? I went back to the range today and it is no better. I am just about ready to sell the thing and have gotten maybe 100rds. through it. :(
first: have you removed the trigger group from the frame and thoroughy cleaned it out followed by a light lube concentrating on the sear mechanism and being sure to get all the brass flakes out of there?

having only 100 rounds through the gun, i'd give it til 500-600 before i got worried. steyr's are built tight and you've got metal on metal contact going on, a lot of it painted. the paint actually causes some friction, but wears off as you shoot the gun. keep it clean and lubed. dry firing will smooth things out more rapidly as well. make sure you rack the slide hard, just as the slide would move during fire.

after that, (dryfiring) try pulling the trigger, hold it to the rear as you SLOWLY cycle the slide. now release the trigger. does it reset? if not, try to pull the trigger forward. once you pull it forward, do you hear the same satisfying click of a firing pin release? or does it just mush back with no action.

if it doesn't, either spring #20 is weak (unlikely) or there is some friction holding the trigger bar from moving forward. this could be caused by a burr, or the trigger bar bend not being exactly 90 degrees, causing it ro rub one edge on the bottom of the sear.

your sear could also be stuck in the face of the post. this makes it difficult for the trigger bar to go forward, but even if it did, the sear would not be on the post. this is likely when the trigger mushes to the rear after being pulled forward.

as a side note, i assume you were not using live ammo, but dropping the slide with the trigger pulled is definitely a recipe for a slam-fire.
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As has already been said clean it very well and use lots of lube during break in. Don't try to shoot Steyrs with a drop and a half of lube like a glock. I always stage the trigger on my M40 with no problems. Use a teflon based lube like Break Free and do a lot of dry firing before going back to the range. Most of the M series have been setting on the shelf for several years and the factory grease is dry and hardened.
perhaps one of the reasons I dont have much problem with my M9, just like bigtaco recommends, is that I do a lot of dry firing with it. Even before our very first date on the range... :wink:

I still dryfire it when I arrive home from work and repeat doing the same thing just before going to bed. Sometimes in the mornings too... It just received too much punishment from me... and I think my M9 likes it! It just love the beating and it is still screamin for more! :twisted:
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