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M9: still available???

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So...I'm a little late to jump on the Steyr bandwagon. Got my CDNN catalog a month or so ago and thought, "hmmm...this might be my last chance to get a new Steyr easily!" Then I put the catalog aside and didn't get back to it until yesterday.

So...Does anybody know if CDNN still has M9s available? I've emailed them, haven't heard back yet so I though I might come where the fanatics are!


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I believe they do, if not then Davidson's still has some. Unless of course I bought the last one 2 days ago :)
Jon -

The only response you'll get from CDNN by email is to call them. They won't handle ANY firearms discussion via email or Internet.

That said, I ordered my M9 from them about 2 weeks ago. MajD, who works there, said recently that they had "many hundreds" of M9s -- I think the real run was on S-series and .40 cal. Give them a call -- they'll let you know in general terms how their inventory is holding up.

A couple of notes about CDNN...they'll only ship 4 magazines per handgun. More than that and you pay extra shipping. The M9 comes with one 10-rd mag...CDNN has the 14-rd mags in stock now for $29.99 or more 10-rd for $14.99.

Also, before you call to order you have to be sure your FFL has his license on file with CDNN. They won't even take your order if the license isn't there already. Again, you can call and give them your zip code and they can tell you who they have on file. I'm not sure how long it takes them to receive and enter a license.

Otherwise, the service was fine. I ordered on a Tuesday and the gun was at my dealer on Thursday. You won't regret it!

Hope this helps!
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Yup, pretty much what they said. Excellent service from CDNN I hear. I, myself, got my M9 from Davidson's. Paid a little more but got a lifetime warranty, which to me, was worth it for a Steyr but YMMV. Turnaround time was pretty quick to boot.
Just checked Davidsons website. They're <50 M9s and 99+ S9s.
if calling cdnn ask for brian. He's been our cdnn hookup over at the old digs at the steyr club on
Since this site is less than 24 hours old I haven't seen any posts by him yet.

Check and see how much more it is through them. Steyrs only come w/ one ( or have heard two) year original owner warranty. Any gun purchased through galleryofguns has their own in-house lifetime replacement warranty. Depending on you area and dealers near by it can only be $20-$30 more, or sometimes it's more like $60.
Brian at CDNN told me yesterday (3/23/05) that there are still plenty of M9's left.....they are short on S9's and the M40's (even those w/ night sights) are all gone.
My order goes in tomorrow - traded my last two "tradable" guns today at my favorite gun shop and ended up with enough to pay for the M9, the state police check, and $10 left to play with. Will order hi-cap mags direct from CDNN to save the shop's markup (their advice).
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