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M9 range report

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Just got back from the range...(and boy are my thumbs sore...gotta get me a mag loader for this thing!)...and the M9 was flawless. About 300 rounds total, UMC bulk pack, WWB, Blazer and Blazer Brass 115 gr, Magtech 115gr, and Wolf.....All worked perfectly. My aim and shooting skills could used some work, but that is no fault of the gun.....i just need to get out a lot more than i do now. My friend was along as well...he is a centerfire novice more or less.....while he ripped targets a new a-hole with my buckmark .22, he just couldn't get a handle on the Steyr trap sites....i love them, but he was lucky to get 4 out of ten shots on the paper...then he switched to the .22...he is just fine with that gun.

My a bit to the left at almost all times....i think that is form instead of sights issues....suggestions?

All in all....a great day at the range.....they have an M40 for $350 there....nearly jumped on it......may yet go back....but they also have a nice Bulgi many choices....


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Skip the Makarov for now and get the Steyr
Maks have been available for a long time, they will be available for a long time.
The Styer M series is limited and once gone the newer A series will be out at a higher price.

Then you can get a Mak, or another Steyr :lol:
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