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    Very satisfied with the M9A1 I bought, however. thinking about picking up an M9 at the great prices I see advertised before supplies are gone. $299 for a pistol and 4 mags, just seems like an outragiously great deal, but wondering about reports I am reading about CDNN, while not negative, seems to me that if reports about suppliers are not extremely favorable with regards to standing behind products, then something may be wrong with the way they conduct business.
    Anyone have any thoughts on the best source for M9s or S9s if there are still any out there. See a few advertised on GunsAmerica and Gunbroker, but have had some bad as well as good experiences with the auction sites and wonder about their feedback systems and if they protect buyers. Think i would rather purchase from an established supplier. Any suggestions?
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    With Steyr Mannlicher USA not fully geared up yet, your only real insurance is the Davidson's policy of paying $20 extra for a warranty.
    Most on Gunbroker/Gunsamerica are mom and pop shops that end up buying from Davidon's or CDNN.

    I picked CDNN. And, for the price, I would not expect them to step up to the plate to rectify a problem with the Steyr. That is Steyr Mannlicher's job, not CDNN for the price they are selling them at.

    CDNN is like Walmart. They deal in volume and bulk. I would be very suprised if they are making more than $20-$25 on each of the M9's that they are selling.

    That, paired with the hi-cap mags that are thrown in the deal would be very nice.

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    Thanks, certainly makes sense, CDNN probably best all around deal, just need to go into it with eyes open not expecting any great level of service after the sale, just an excellent product at best price around. Guess I can understand the lack of support given the extremely small profit margin, everyone has to eat and put a roof over their head, but at least Walmart would replace something brought back to them, do you think that if there was something major wrong with the pistol when it came that CDNN would at least replace with another?
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    The "M" pistols are a screamin deal. I doubt that there will ba any deal as nice in the foreable future.

    Since I wanted 40 I scored my M40 from CDNN and then got the new M40A1. Love both guns. hate the lack of holsters for the A1.
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    Working on how I can have an M40. I will have it... I will have it!