M9 or M9A1

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  1. Firecracker

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    It's me and my stupid questions here again :)

    Because I'm not so familiar with Steyr M9 and M9A1 I'm asking which one to buy. I will get the M9 pretty soon from one dealer and it will cost about 600 €. A1 costs about 700 €, but I (or the dealer) don't know yet when I can get it...I'm still waiting that information. Those prices are the lowest so far. Of course I want to get it soon, but if there is some critical improvements in A1 so I guess I'm going to buy it...even if it takes longer to get it.

    Please people...help me!!!

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    Depends on what features you like or dislike. I like the M9 a bit more because I think the M9 safety is the only safety I have seen that can be used without disruption of your trigger pull. The bore axis of the M9 appears to be a bit lower than the A1, and I do not have any use for an accessory rail. The grip on the A1 is better and less slippery, but I cured that on my M9 with black friction tape. And the M9 cost $US 300 when I got it. :)
    To each his own.

  3. Firecracker

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    For me I think the grip is the main thing. Because I've got so small hands. Also reliability and accuracy are things I appriciate.

    What about the extractor...is there any improvements in A1 compared to M9?
  4. MrApathy

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    axis is the same
    A1 grip is nicer.
    A1's do have extractor updates but not sure on just how much.
    A1's still seem to have issues. I have 4 original M that have extracted acceptably. few pieces of brass landing on my head but that went away.

    A1's in the US have no safety well very few made it in with manual safety. I used to like the safety but am interested in getting away from it. can turn off the safety and pull the trigger with 1 pull of the finger which is ideal long pull but its not heavy.

    A1 is the current product line replacement parts will be to A1 specs.
    which could be trouble for original series in years to come.
  5. madecov

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    Both the M and the A1 will fit small hands. I have very small hands and it fits me perfectly.

    The bore axis on the both models is the same.

    As MrA says the grip on the A1 is way better (IMHO) and less slippery.
  6. Syntax360

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    I'd go with the M-A1 as well. :)