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    Hello Fellas,

    Well, I'm seeking a new 9mm pistol for plinking. I was looking at Glock, XD's, and P99's.

    A gun dealer happened to show me this Steyr M9.. Ugly duckling, but wow! It felt so good and was the best naturally pointing handgun I've ever picked up. The sights were different, but I seemed to naturally line them up so much faster than three dots.. The safety was easily nudged by my tigger finger, never taking sights off target.

    I want one!

    So, I've been researching this delimma since yesterday (as soon as I got home).. seems that the M9's are older and there is a new M-A1. The manlicher website has the M-A1 with the optional manual safety which is what I saw on the M9, and seems the grip has been modified a little bit.

    Which one to get?????? High Cap, is a must and the M9 I held at the dealer was a 10 rounder.. grrr..

    Who is importing the M-A1 into the U.S., and where can I find a dealter to quote me one?

    Got my visa in my hand!

    BTW, how do these two pistols compare with accuracy of a Glock? Realibility?
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    Only a couple folks, AFAIK, own both versions so just wait for their responses. I know Navy87Guy owns an M9, Glock and P99 so he'd be a good sou8rce for info. In the meantime, a link to his website is below. Would like an M-A1 one day to match my M9.


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    It also depends on how much you want to spend. The "old" model can still be had for almost half at CDNN of what the new one will cost you elsewhere.

    They can stand toe-to-toe with any Glock. They even excel in some areas the G gun doesn't such as:

    • Lower bore axis than the Glock.
      Has less felt recoil than a similar sized Glock.
      Has a shorter, crisper trigger pull than the standard Glock.

    There are more...

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    Price! New M9 can be had for ~$250, Glocks are ~$450.
    M9s have same tenifer (less rust prone) treatment as Glocks.
    M9 mags are steel not plastic like Glocks.
    No polygonal rifling in M9s so you can safely shoot lead.
    M9s have fully supported chambers unlike Glocks.
    M9s have a manual safety just in case you want to use one.
    M9s have trapazoidal sights, good or bad depending on who you ask but they acquire quickly.
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    Besides the Steyr being a great shooting handgun one of the best things it has going right now is how undervalued it is. You can purchase a M9 for $250 easy. Don't rule out buying one online or from CDNN.
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    Agreed! That's why I listed price first! :D
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    Just to follow-up ... Davidson's is another excellent source as well. Extra $ but with lifetime replacement warranty, if its worth it to you. ... but as they always say ... "the best warranty is the one you never need to use." :D
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    Davidson's is out of M9's! The only thing they have left are S9's (compact version). CDNN is reported to have enough to last a couple of months...but if you're interested I wouldn't wait too long! If you do call CDNN to order, ask for Brian. The sales folks work on commission and Brian has gone out of his way to support the Steyr Club.

    As far as the A1, Steyr Mannlicher made the decision to only manufacture the model without the safety. So if you like that feature, buy an original M9. They only imported about 125 A1's with the safety, so they'd be pretty hard to find.

    The M9 takes the 14-rd magazine...they are just sold with one 10-rounder. CDNN also carries the 14-rd mags. Be warned -- Steyr stuff isn't cheap! It's $30 for a 14-rd mag...pretty steep compared to something like Glock or Ruger. But it's worth the investment to have a gun that's so much fun to shoot!

    I do own a Glock 17 and a Walther P99. The Steyr is my newest gun, so I'm still getting used to it. I have to say that right now, the P99 is the best shooter for me. I'm hoping that will change in time as I spend more time with my M9!

    I don't think you can find a better bargain in 9mm than the Steyr M9. For $250, you get a whole lot of gun. The A1's will be around for a while and the price will probably come down eventually. Unless you have your heart completely set on the A1, I'd say get the M9 now and start enjoying!

    Hope this helps,
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    Yikes! You are right! :eek: I just checked. I checked last week and they had a good 50 left, IIRC. Looks like the word got out on these fine pistols. Would explain the increased forum traffic. 8)
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    Yes, they went from 50+ to nothing in no time flat! I doubt the S9's will last very long, either. It will be interesting to see if they (Davidson's) decide to do a big buy from CDNN and restock. They can easily buy the lot from CDNN at $250 and turn around and sell them for $300+...I don't know if CDNN would allow that or not. I hope not!!
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    You're right. Competition is already pretty much nil when it comes to Steyrs. We need more vendors!
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    Here is a write up I wrote on the other site. Hope it helps:

    Here are the pics I promised last week of my M9A1 that I got last Friday and the M9 I've had for about 6 months.

    Pretty similar obviously, but the grip on the M9A1 has a better feel and fills the hand nicely. The M9 squirms around a little in comparison.

    Range tested the new one on Monday. Not a single hiccup and went through 200 rounds of WWB and 20 rounds of Golden Sabres.
    The improved grip helps slightly with pointability, but not a huge difference.

    The down side to the new one is that they dont come with the safety which I think is a huge mistake by Steyr. The upside is you get 2 14-rounds mags and the tactical rail. My SureFire X200 works great and is a great addition to the Steyr.

    I'm very happy with my purchase. I may or may not keep the M9 now that I have the M9A1. Depends on if I want something else and want to get some extra cash.[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]