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M9 - Newbie w/ range report

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Hey guys!

I decided it was time to get some protection for my house (several miles from town and several minutes from police) and something I would enjoy firing at the range w/ friends. A buddy knew of a Steyr that he liked that a friend of his had sold to a pawn shop so I checked it out and fell in love. I got a M9 w/ maybe 200 rounds usage w/ three clips and a case for $300. The girlfriend wasn't too impressed to start, but she wants to go out to the range and I'll probably pick up a MkII for her to shoot out there when I can find one at a good price.

Required Range Report:
I put 200 rounds downrange the first night I got my M9, using the 115 gr. Wallyworld whitebox stuff, only $11 per 100 in KS. Wasn't exactly sure how to line up those crazy sights at first, but got the hang of it. I gained a lot of confidence on a head/torso shaped piece of steel at about 15 yds, hitting around 9/10 when I got the hang of it. 0 FTF, 0 FTE, about 10 empties to the to the bill of my cap (which I was ready for). I'm going back out today and I'll try to get 300-400 rounds to really get a feel for those sights.

Went to a Kansas City gun show last weekend looking for the bigger clips. No Steyr clips, no Steyr pistols. I really like having such a unique weapon in a world of Glocks and Barettas. This site has provided a ton of useful info, piece of mind that I bought the right gun, and I look forward to learning a lot more from all of you.

Peace (unless you come in my house uninvited)
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Welcome to the Club and thanks for the range report.

The more you shoot your Steyr, the deeper in love you'll be.
Congrats on the M9 and I have been to our shows around town here in KC, MO and the mags I have found were $49 for 10rnd and $39 for the 14rnd. I sent madecove, a member here, a check to send me some 14rnd mags when they come in and with 5 or more, he ships them free.
Bought 3 14 rounders from $22 each
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